"Remember the Alamo!"---Lauren SPARTAN Rogue 177's main quote

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Lauren SPARTAN Rogue-177
SPARTAN Rogue Lauren-177
Biographical information


Spartan Tag



UNSC Ship-Twilight's Hope

Date of birth


Date of death

Assumed KIA after jumping into a generator to destroy a Covenant Bio-Weapon.

Physical description





5 Foot 8 Inches

Hair color


Eye color


Affiliation and military information



Petty Officer Third Class


SPARTAN Rogue Leader






SPARTAN Rogue 177 was a great leader, Stiff, hence her call-sign. She was the XO of the original SPARTAN Rogues. She always received the most criticism due to being unable to take a joke. Normal for a SPARTAN, odd for a SPARTAN Rogue. Lauren SPARTAN 177's quote, "Remember the Alamo!" doesn't just mean a battle in the Texas Revolution, it's what it represents. It represents so much more than just a battle. The Texans at the Alamo were vastly outnumbered, but they fought to the very last man, much like the Spartans from Sparta. The Rogues in general are one of a kind, 177 tends to stand out due to being who she is, and after the events of Halo: SPARTAN 177, she is particularly the covenant's first choice for any and all experiments of sort related to SPARTANs. 177 came to have a grudge against the Prophet of Truth, and every chance that presented itself she pursued in an effort to kill him and avenge her supposed death. SPARTANs never die, but Rogues hold one hell of a grudge. She later became squad leader, and Onyx captain. It was decided by everyone that her callsign be changed to Rogue. Stiff sounded a bit disrespectful after nearly giving her life so they could fight another day. 177 remembers one thought, that never vanishes, a thought that she had before she died, she-for a moment felt like a hero... Dieing for your race, to protect your race is something worth dieing for.


Rogue 177 in her MJOLNIR mark VI prototype armor



Lauren's Callsign was first Stiff, because her SPARTAN bretheren tend to believe that 177 is on the hard side. She never had the same 'joking' spirit as the other Rogues, yes-Terror was quiet, and serious, but 177 had what Halsey refered to in the deleted file, as the Rogue 'spirit'. After returning from being listed MIA-assumed KIA, Lauren's callsign was changed to 'Rogue'. Which from then on was the only thing she referred to herself as other than 'a monster'. Rogue is complicated, her strength and perserverance is uncanny, but fueled by her emotions that she's known for hiding-according to Doc an Hypno. Rogue is also known for not caring about her life, but she'll do anything for her team, and human kind.



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