The SPARTAN Rogue Commandos Edit

Rogue Commandos were started just after the SPARTAN Rogues-but their program was slightly different. Kidnapped as teenagers, their memories were taken away by mind-altering drugs. Then filled with years of combat training. Specifically, many of the SPARTAN Rogues. Within a two single years they had been tested and where completely prepared for combat. Augmentations were only slightly more, and they're one of a kind. Those who didn't survive were never listed, and less than one eighth survived.

C94 Daniel Wolverine CO-Leader All specialties
X84 Ashley Spar XO-Leader All specialties
S04 Roman Poptart Defender Weapons/Bombs/Communications
F74 Nick Slyman Runner Brutality/Pilot/All Agility/Vehicles
S77 Stephen Phantom Defender Quick/Black Opps/Pilot/Hand combat
G44 Zackle Toothpaste Runner Jumper/Quick/Communications
C12 Johnny Orbit Runner Mentalist/Doctor
T33 Jason Titan Defender Sniper/Weapons/Strength
T81 Zachem ZT Runner Computers/Investigator

SPARTAN Rogue Commando-Daniel_Leader1_(Wolverine): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue Commando-Ashley-<Ash>_Leader2_(Spar): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue Commando-Stephen_Defender1_(Phantom): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue Commando-Nick_Runner1_(Slyman<Sly>): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue Commando-Jason_Defender2_(Titan): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue Commando-Johnny_Runner2_(Orbit): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue Commando-Roman_Defender3_(Poptart<Tart>): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue Commando-Zackle_Runner3_(Toothpaste<Paste>): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue Commando-Zachem_Runner4_(ZT<Z>): Edit

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