"Don't mess with texas!"
Spartan 177

---Rogue Moto [Moto made of by Chief Ford, but not used until after 177's death]

What are the SPARTAN Rogues? Edit

The SPARTAN Rogues are SPARTANs, but with twice the augmentations. You could say they are a smaller group then natural SPARTANs becuase they tend to be test subjects for the newest operations.

Though normally SPARTANs are trained in all. Most of the SPARTAN Rogues are trained for one specific thing. They do go through the normal training, and know all the natural things that normal SPARTANs are trained. But, Rogues have one special talent. F06 of the original SPARTAN Rogues specialized in the medical field as well as other deep knowledge.

W27 was a genius in every part of computers and any technology. Human or Covenant.

C14 is skilled in bombs, making a bomb out of anything. You could say she's a modern day Macgiver with the bomb skills.

Leaders are different. The leaders are chosen for there skills and leadership. Normally there are two one to be a CO and one to be an XO. The first CO was Luke-S76, and XO was Lauren-177. Sad, the XO tends to do all the work. The XO keeps everything in order, and the CO tells the XO to tell the squad it's orders.

Resulting factorsEdit

Unfortunately, the Rogues tend to have far greater emotions than the average SPARTAN. Rogues can often feel uncontrolable rage, or a sense of needing revenge. Many have accused this to be the responsibility if Chief Ford's training, or even because the Rogue's training was shorter, and they were released another couple years onto the battle field, earlier than the normal SPARTAN II's.

First SPARTAN Rogues: Edit

Lived through mutations: Edit

S76 Luke Boss
177 Lauren Stiff- later known as (Rogue)
098 Nikki Houdini
S94 Jason Skates
W27 Patrick Specs
068 Trent Fixit
F06 Leonardo Doc
R140 Michael Speed
WS8 Jacob Gunner
C14 Terra Matchstick
S45 Alex Lucky
B92 Brad Boomer
E42 Kacy Pilot
X99 Nick Blaster
960 Tyler Tease
T23 Danny X-man
U37 Zack Fish
345 Joel Bat
140 Drake Flipper
224 Timothy Ghost
432 Phoenix Hypno Mentalist
212 Kale Terror Interrogator
YR2 Ken Communicator Communications
S29 Keoni Striker Over all brutal fighter.
V80 Zeth Vault Vehicles
L48 Kylee Index Languages
S68 Oliona Streets Survivor
G32 Ryan Ace All Agility

2 _Leaders
3 _Speeders
2 _Distraction and black opps operatives
1 _Computer tech
1 _engineer
1 _pilot
1 _Medic expert
4 _Weapons specialist
1 _Sniper
1 _Bombs and explosions
2 _Hand to hand combat
1 _Listener
28 Survivors in all.

SPARTAN Rogue-177 Lauren_Leader-2_(STIFF): Edit

Lauren is hard-core, pure blood SPARTAN Rogue, not willing to lose to anything. During training, do to being a take-charge, my way-or the highway little girl, she became quite the leader, but because of a disagreement, she was forced to second-in-command. She was given the Callsign:Stiff due to being the serious, no nonsense Rogue in the group. After the events of Halo: SPARTAN 177 Lauren was presumed dead only to be found a year later by unexpected guests. She soon realizes she isn't herself... and grows to have her own, personal grudge on the Prophet of Truth...


SPARTAN Rogue-S76 Luke_Leader-1_(BOSS): Edit

Luke, SPARTAN Rogue S76 is a good leader, but in a few of the Rogue's eyes, weak. Not willing to spend lives as need. Despite Lauren had constantly attempted to explain the difference, he still lacks the ability to see it. During training, after a heated altercation with 177, he became team leader.

"I'm just glad we don't have a barbarian as a leader any more,"-Luke to Trent, age ten.

Though, despite what he used to say off 177, it is revealed in the end, how he truely cared about her. Upon punching Sergeant Torres for calling her something very unpleasant-

S76 walked in, then saluted to Torres. “Sir!”

"S76,” he nodded. “So, Doc you were saying something about the bitch that jumped into the generator to save your asses,” Torres started.

Doc went blank, then he gazed at S76.

Torres turned back around, only to see a fist, then he remembered nothing else.

Luke was thrown in the brig for assaulting a higher rank. Of course, he never regretted it. Doc flipped out. It's luckily Torres survived, Luke is one with the upper body strength. Torres later refers to 177 as his girlfriend, though he never expressed it, Luke never realized how he felt until she was gone. After 177's death, Luke himself became on the brutal side.

SPARTAN Rogue-F06 Leonardo_All Medical_(DOC): Edit


Leonardo SPARTAN Rogue F06

Leonardo, better known as Leo, Doc, is one of the very rare occurences in all his appearances, there has been an obvious difference. Even whenever he treats the enemy he is kind. Of course, he often thinks that anyone can change if they see the right side. Pheonix and Leo are close friends, often performing phsyc-evaluations together. After assualting Sergeant Torres, Doc treated Torres, and attempted to explain what happen-peacefully, despite his own anger.

"F06, if what just happened, just happened, I'm going to keel-haul S76!”

"Sir, please, Luke has had several problems, and that is why I've declared him unfit for duty,” Doc said.

"Yeah, I mention his girl-friend and now he's nuts, okay, yep he's free,” Torres said sarcastically.

"Sir,” Doc whispered, “With all do respect, she died honorably.” He shoved a datapad into Torres's hands, “Look at this, then go call Lauren SPARTAN Rogue 177 a bitch, or refer to her as any other SPARTAN, she died blowing up a Covenant ship with a bio weapon that would have killed and destroyed all of humanity!” Doc stormed out in rage.

Leo doesn't become angry with out good reason. Losing their sister took a toll on all the Rogues. Doc sensed something died in them all that day... was it true happiness... or had a void formed between each of them?

SPARTAN Rogue-C14 Terra_Bomb Expert_(MATCHSTICK): Edit

Terra-C14 is one of out neutral SPARTAN Rogues, she knows how to have a good time with her fellow rogues. Courageous, and having a vast knowledge of explosives, she makes a great Rogue.

SPARTAN Rogue-098 Nikki_Black Opps_(HOUDINI): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue-S94 Jason_Runner_(SKATES): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue-W27 Patrick_Computer Tech_(SPECS): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue-068 Trent_Engineer_(FIXIT): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue-R140 Michael_Runner_(SPEED): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue-WS8 Jacob_Weapons Specialist_(GUNNER): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue-S45 Alex_Sniper_(LUCKY): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue-B92 Brad_Weapons Specialist_(B92): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue-E42 Kacy_Over All Pilot_(PILOT): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue-X99 Nick_Weapons Specialist_(BLASTER): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue-960 Tyler_Black Opps_(TEASE): Edit

Life loving, and enjoys what he does, Tyler could never be phased by a simple battle.


"Its easy, and simply nature to let war walk all over you, but it takes integrity, and determination to over come that sad feeling. I was born to trick all tose guys, and wreak havoc from within!"

- Tyler to Hypno during session

Despite the killing, and monsterous nature that all the rogues have, Tyler in one of the most 'fun' you might say.

"Um... I'm good with kids, sir!"

-Tyler to Pillar


SPARTAN Rogue-T23 Danny_Weapon Specialist_(X-MAN): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue-U37 Zack_Hand to Hand Combat_(FISH): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue-345 Joel_Listener_(BAT): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue-140 Drake_Hand to Hand Combat_(FLIPPER): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue-224 Timothy_Runner_(GHOST): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue-432 Phoenix_Mentalist_(HYPNO): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue-212 Kale_Interrogation_(TERROR): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue-YR2 Ken_Communications_(COMMUNICATOR): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue-S29 Keoni_Over all Brutal Fighter_(STRIKER): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue-V80 Zeth_Vehicles_(VAULT): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue-L48 Kylee_Languages_(INDEX): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue-S68 Oliona_Survivor_(STREETS): Edit

A Quieter member of the team, but reliable as ever, Oliona is known as streets, because of her uncanny sense for danger and many other amazing skills. Her relationship with the rest of the team is good. When she needs a sibling, she goes to talk to Hypno.

SPARTAN Rogue-G32 Ryan_All Agility_(ACE): Edit

Didn't survive mutations: Edit

T84 Blake Doesn't survive augmentations
___ Emily Doesn't Survive
___ Katie Doesn't Survive
___ Tracy Doesn't Survive
___ Jeff Doesn't Survive
___ Liam Doesn't Survive
___ Josh Doesn't Survive
___ Tony Doesn't Survive
___ Mark Doesn't Survive
___ Shellie Doesn't Survive
___ Tominique Doesn't Survive
___ Gaila Doesn't Survive
___ Dan Doesn't Survive
___ Chiro Doesn't Survive
___ Miri Doesn't Survive
___ Jim Doesn't Survive
___ Larry Doesn't Survive
___ Philip Doesn't Survive
___ April Doesn't Survive
___ Natasha Doesn't Survive
___ Connor Doesn't Survive
___ Mitch Doesn't Survive
___ Melanie Doesn't Survive
___ Esmeralda Doesn't Survive
___ Diamond Doesn't Survive
___ Mart Doesn't Survive
___ Burt Doesn't Survive
___ Teff Doesn't Survive

The SPARTAN Rogue Commandos Edit

Rogue Commandos were started just after the SPARTAN Rogues-but their program was slightly different. Kidnapped as teenagers, their memories were taken away by mind-altering drugs. Then filled with years of combat training. Specifically, many of the SPARTAN Rogues. Within a two single years they had been tested and where completely prepared for combat. Augmentations were only slightly more, and they're one of a kind. Those who didn't survive were never listed, and less than one eighth survived.

C94 Daniel Wolverine CO-Leader All specialties
X84 Ashley Spar XO-Leader All specialties
S04 Roman Poptart Defender Weapons/Bombs/Communications
F74 Nick Slyman Runner Brutality/Pilot/All Agility/Vehicles
S77 Stephen Phantom Defender Quick/Black Opps/Pilot/Hand combat
G44 Zackle Toothpaste Runner Jumper/Quick/Communications
C12 Johnny Orbit Runner Mentalist/Doctor
T33 Jason Titan Defender Sniper/Weapons/Strength
T81 Zachem ZT Runner Computers/Investigator
S66 Seth Puppy Defender Strength/Hand to hand combat


SPARTAN Rogue Commando-Daniel_Leader1_(Wolverine): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue Commando-Ashley-<Ash>_Leader2_(Spar): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue Commando-Stephen_Defender1_(Phantom): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue Commando-Nick_Runner1_(Slyman<Sly>): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue Commando-Jason_Defender2_(Titan): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue Commando-Johnny_Runner2_(Orbit): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue Commando-Roman_Defender3_(Poptart<Tart>): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue Commando-Zackle_Runner3_(Toothpaste<Paste>): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue Commando-Zachem_Runner4_(ZT<Z>): Edit

SPARTAN Rogue JAG/NCIS Operatives: Edit

JAG operatives are Rogues assigned to specific base to assist JAG personnel in their investigations. Which can be very dangerous at times. These SPARTAN Rogues were trained by  Master Chief Macson to assist JAG officers due to murders and investigations becoming closer and more tied in with the Covenant. These SPARTANs also assist in NCIS investigations, but are called by other Rogues "Lawyer pets". But some inestigations have taken them to the most bizzare of places.

AJ0 Albert AJ Male
BJ1 Baily BJ Female
CJ2 Callen CJ Male
DJ3 Darrel DJ Male
EJ4 Zanah EJ Female
FJ5 Jed FJ Male
GJ6 Justin GJ Male
HJ7 Rhett HJ Male
IJ8 Marco IJ Male
JJ9 Robert JJ Male
KJ10 Kermit KJ Male
LJ11 Ric LJ Male
MJ12 Rex MJ Male
NJ13 Valaria NJ Female
OJ14 Mallory OJ Female
PJ15 Felix PJ Male
QJ16 Megan QJ Female
RJ17 Chris RJ Male
SJ18 Scott SJ Male
TJ19 Taylor TJ Female
UJ20 Shiloh UJ Male
VJ21 Patience VJ Female
WJ22 Gary WJ Male
XJ23 Carlisle XJ Male
YJ24 York YJ Male
ZJ25 Zoe ZJ Female

SPARTAN Rogue JAG/NCIS Operative AJ0-Albert <AJ> Edit

SPARTAN Rogue JAG/NCIS Operative BJ1-Baily <BJ> Edit

SPARTAN Rogue JAG/NCIS Operative CJ2-Callen <CJ> Edit

SPARTAN Rogue JAG/NCIS Operative DJ3-Darrel <DJ> Edit

SPARTAN Rogue JAG/NCIS Operative EJ4-Zanah <EJ> Edit

SPARTAN Rogue JAG/NCIS Operative FJ5-Jed <FJ> Edit

SPARTAN Rogue JAG/NCIS Operative GJ6-Justin <GJ> Edit

SPARTAN Rogue JAG/NCIS Operative HJ7-Rhett <HJ> Edit

SPARTAN Rogue JAG/NCIS Operative IJ8-Marco <IJ> Edit

SPARTAN Rogue JAG/NCIS Operative JJ9-Robert <JJ> Edit

SPARTAN Rogue JAG/NCIS Operative KJ10-Kermit <KJ> Edit

SPARTAN Rogue JAG/NCIS Operative LJ11-Ric <LJ> Edit

SPARTAN Rogue JAG/NCIS Operative MJ12-Rex <MJ> Edit

SPARTAN Rogue JAG/NCIS Operative NJ13-Valaria <NJ> Edit

SPARTAN Rogue JAG/NCIS Operative OJ14-Mallory <OJ> Edit

SPARTAN Rogue JAG/NCIS Operative PJ15-Felix <PJ> Edit

SPARTAN Rogue JAG/NCIS Operative QJ16-Megan <QJ> Edit

SPARTAN Rogue JAG/NCIS Operative RJ17-Chris <RJ> Edit

SPARTAN Rogue JAG/NCIS Operative SJ18-Scott <SJ> Edit

SPARTAN Rogue JAG/NCIS Operative TJ19-Taylor <TJ> Edit

SPARTAN Rogue JAG/NCIS Operative UJ20-Shiloh <UJ> Edit

SPARTAN Rogue JAG/NCIS Operative VJ21-Paitence <VJ> Edit

SPARTAN Rogue JAG/NCIS Operative WJ22-Gary <WJ> Edit

SPARTAN Rogue JAG/NCIS Operative XJ23-Carlisle <XJ> Edit

SPARTAN Rogue JAG/NCIS Operative YJ24-York <YJ> Edit

SPARTAN Rogue JAG/NCIS Operative ZJ25-Zoe <ZJ> Edit


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