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"Their skills are masterful and are, if not better, then that of the Demons'!"
―A Zealot, commenting on an Ascetic's skills

"The Demons! Please... not even the gods would be a match for an Ascetic!"
Ascetic Commander



Pre-Schism EventsEdit


The Ascetic corps where a group of skilled Sangheili. According to contrary belief, they where the Elite equivalent of the UNSC SPARTAN-II Soldiers and where excellent warriors. Usually seen in White, Steel, Silver, or even Gold armor the Ascetic struck fear in every enemy they faced (Except the Flood). Unfortunately, just as their UNSC Counterparts, they were all but wiped out during the Great Schism (Covenant Civil War).

Post-Schism EventsEdit

After the Assassination of Truth, and the Loyalist's defeat on the Ark, the Sangheili High Council decided to reincarnate the Ascetic Corps. The Council only choose young Sangheili with great skill or those born of nobility. Unfortunately, the "New-and-Improved" Ascetic would never be as skilled as the original Ascetic Corps.

Ranks and ColorsEdit

File:Ascetic Student.jpg
  • Dark Blue: In Training (Student)
  • Black/Steel: Minor
  • White: Major
  • Silver: Captain
  • Purple: Stealth
  • Gold/Yellow: Commander (Master)
  • Red: Special Operative


Name SuffixEdit

Ascetics can have an "ics" Suffix at the end of their name, but it isn't a nessesity. The Ascetic's suffix replaces any original suffix.


Known Ascetic Lances Edit

File:Baracuss1 (Master Swordsman).JPG

The Ascetic Corps is made up of multiple Lances of soldiers. Each squad is lead by a Ascetic Commander and contains, at least, five Ascetics each, including at least 1 Ascetic Student. The Ascetic's Armour Detail marks which Lance they are a part of

Ascetic Lance: ApocalypseEdit

  • Members:
Commander, Maydor Antairiics(†)
Commander, Mesa 'Ardromics
Stealth, Ora 'Mentanics
Major, Thel 'Otamics
Minor, Cairo 'Mansanics
Minor, Draken Antairiics
Student, Ina ‘Alstram
  • Armour Detail Color: Crimson

Ascetic Lance: RedemptionEdit

  • Members:
  • Armour Detail Color: Green

Ascetic Lance: DecapitationEdit

  • Members:
  • Armour Detail Color: Silver/white

Ascetic Lance: DestinyEdit

  • Members:
  • Armour Detail Color: Gold/yellow

Ascetic Lance: ShadowEdit

  • Members:
Oro 'Narvum, Commander
Daleck 'Ormact, Student
Cyrac 'Talamect, Major
Dlector 'Kaledo, Student
Dral 'Cartrat, Captain
  • Armour Detail Color: Black/Steel

Ascetic Lance: MagmaEdit

  • Members:
  • Armour Detail Color: Orange

Ascetic Lance: IceEdit

  • Members:
  • Armour Detail Color: Light Blue

Ascetic Lance: SoundEdit

  • Members:
  • Armour Detail Color: Purple

Ascetic Lance: StoneEdit

  • Members:
  • Armour Detail Color: Brown

Ascetic Lance: DiabloEdit

  • Members:
  • Armour Detail Color: Red

Ascetic Lance: MythEdit

  • Members:
Commander, Havel 'Karanics
Stealth, Jrae 'Sekatics
Captain, Gotru 'Narzonics
Student, Tiar 'Amnics
Student, Xio 'Sekatics
  • Armour Detail Color: Dark Blue

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