This article, Sanghelios Museum of Science and Warfare, was written by Baracuss. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

The Sanghelios Museum of Science and Warfare is located in a small desert area south of the Iruiru district. The Museum itself is a Forerunner object that was found before the founding of the Covenant. Standing High above the desert sands below, it is the tallest structure on Sangheilios. Baracuss Antairious, Separatist High Councilor and a lover of History, gave the Idea of a Museum to the Prophets when he was recruted. They, with a look of sickness, agreed. The Museum also serves as a Citadel (Top Floor) and a Flood Examination Lab (200 Floors underground).

The Museum has a Built-In Security system as well:

  1. Over 500,000 Sentinel Minors
  2. Over 20,000 Sentinel Majors
  3. Over 600 Sentinel Enforcers

The Museum has multiple weapons on display including:

  • The Fist of Rukt
  • Thel 'Vadumee's Energy Sword
  • The Spiker used by the Prophet of Truth

The Museum also has Human weapons and Vehicles on display. Feel Free to visit anytime!

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