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Separatist Sangheili Grand Armada

Covenant Separatists


Over 300,000 Ships


The Armada

  • Battle of High Charity 2.0
  • Battle over Doisac
  • Installation Wars

High Councilors:


The Grand Armada is the combined forces of thousands of Covenant Separatist Fleets including the Fleet of Unmitigated Truth, the Fleet of Moonlit Nightfall, and the Fleet of Approaching Salvation. Even though it has been under command by multiple Shipmasters, the Supreme Commander of the Armada is High Councilor Raga 'Fersamee. The Grand Armada was formerly known as the Combined Fleet of Righteous Purpose, and recived thousands more ships after the Covenant-Human War was over.

Combined Fleets Edit

The Grand Armada is made up of thousands of smaller fleets. If yours is a part of the Armada, sign your name and the name of your fleet below:

  • Baracuss Antairious-Fleet of Approaching Salvation
  • Raga 'Fersamee-Fleet of Unmitigated Truth
  • Zamra 'Vorum-Fleet of Moonlit Nightfall
  • |Uasp Erbomee and Zeno Panthakree-Fleet of Burning Might
  • Rama 'Setum-First Fleet of Righteous Fury
  • Dtar 'Zealonf-The Fleet of Decisive Judgment

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