Want to have your comment placed on the Wikia's site notice? Want to tell everyone your idea? Just place your request on the list using the format provided.



  • No multiple requests from the same user in a single week.
  • No profanity.
  • No harsh language.
  • Be courteous, do not get mad at someone elses request. If you have a problem take it up with a Guardian.

Request FormatEdit

  • User name:
    • Requested Message:
    • Reason for request:

Accepted or DeniedEdit

For the most part, requests may be accepted and the comment placed on the site notice. However, a request can be denied if issues arise within the community regarding the requested comment in question causing turmoil.


  • User name:
    • Requested Message:
    • Reason for request:

Request CommentsEdit

  • User name: AmongTheMonsters
    • Requested Message: A new story is up here. It is a great read if your bored ! Updates will be posted daily !
    • Reason for request: To publicly announce my new story for all to read.

  • User name: Meat and Taters
    • Requested Message: Meat and Taters is currently looking for a partner to write Halo: The Beacon 2 with him as a second author. If you are interesting in being the co-author, contact Meat and Taters here.
    • Reason for request: To tell the wiki that I am looking for a co-author for Halo: The Beacon 2 and to gain one.

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