Halo: Homefront

Chapter One: A voice too many.

Level: Cold Storage
Forge Filters Active: Gloomy, Juicy

Writers Note: I suggest that this be played on Forge, due to the ability to delete and create. Also, the names may be changed to whatever the actors/producer wishes.

-Camera moves around the main room for a few seconds. Credits run through.
-Camera zooms on a shielded door. Behind it stands three spartans. The two front Spartans (crouching) are wielding shotguns while the third rear Spartan is wielding a battle rifle.
-Camera switches to viewing the Spartans from the left.
{End Cutscene}

Spartan0: Spartan *Spartan1*, anything?

Spartan1: No sir, sensors are clear.

Spartan0: Right. *Spartan2* open the door.

Spartan2: Yes sir. One moment. Spartan2 pulls out a Sentinel Beam and fires on the door. As the beam runs out a plasma grenade explodes signifying the destruction of the door.

-Camera pans behind the Spartans, door has been removed.

Spartan0: Move in, quietly. Keep your eyes open.

The two Spartans stand up and slowly walk in, each carefully scanning the room.

A feint deep voice echoes through the halls. (Human voice)

Voice: Are you mad?... Have you completely lost your mind?

A second voice appears but cannot be as distinguished as the first.

Voice2: This burning desire... This one chance to cleanse this galaxy...

Voice: Stop! I will not let you do this!

Voice2: You think you can hault what is transpiring?

Voice: Sir, step back now!

Voice2: This is my chance!

Voice1: No! - A sniper round is heard and the voices end.

The Spartans stop.

Spartan1: Did you get all that?

Spartan2: That was creepy. Yeah I got what I could. It doesn't make sense though.

Spartan0: Whatever it was it does not concern us. Remeber we have a job to do. Once we complete the mission then we can question it.

Spartan1: Yes sir.

The three begin walking through the main hall. They all stop at one of the pillars with forerunner projections.

Spartan0: Hmm... The Spartan walks closer to the pillar.

Spartan0: Eléna?

Eléna: Let's see... Most of the structure has been locked down due to a previous event, but I can't find any record of it. I can unlock a couple of doors but that's about it. These systems are far more powerful than those I preivously encountered.

Spartan2: What does that mean?

Eléna: It's quite simple really. Someone or something decided to lock everyone out. Or someone in...

Spartan1: My face itches.

The other two Spartans turn to Spartan1.

Spartan1: What? I can't exactly scratch it with this helmet on.

Spartan0: How pathetic.

Spartan2: Fail.

Spartan1: Hey!

-Camera circles the group.

Eléna: Lemme' get this door.

-Camera pans over to a shielded door and after two seconds the door disappears.

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