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Swarm Tarantula
A Swarm Tarantula compared to average Theran.
Biological information


Physical description

13 feet bigger than a Scarab


13 tons

Skin color

Olive yellow


Similar to Earth crabs and tarantula's

Military and Political information

2 Swarm mortars on its back (except on A-A)


Anti-Infantry, Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Air


The Swarm

Notable Individuals

Tore apart a Sangheili Scarab while receiving no casualties.

Other Names

Swarm Walker, Behemoth, Titan, Leviathan



Tarantula's act as the super walker of the Swarm, smashing down building and wiping out any and all enemies that come its way. Towards the other members of the Swarm, they are as gentle as a puppy. Toward anything that isn't, even as small as a mouse, they are a thundering nightmare. On their back's 2 mortar guns are controlled by Swarm Drones and are used against vehicles and troop emplacements. On the anti-air units 3 flak guns of various magnitudes are mounted to take care of fighter craft and even low flying battleships !


Tarantula's have eight legs, like their namesake, and huge demonic pincers, capable of crushing a small house between them. All around the top of their bodies and legs they are heavily armored inside their carapace, but underneath its belly is the soft vulnerable flesh that can easily be exploited as the animals general weakness. On its small neck-less head the Tarantula's have small mandibles (about the size of a horses leg) and eat with these. Despite their extremely carnivorous appearance Tarantula's eat foliage, not people, and after battles generally devour the great fields of planet, or are killed and eaten by their fellow Swarm races.



The basic kind of Tarantula, these have the average Swarm mortars on their back but only attack infantry. These are usually younger Tarantula's, building up strength for later years as an Anti-Vehicle unit.


The older Anti-Vehicle Tarantula uses the same weapons as before, but generally crushes vehicles and emplacements like they were leaves on a sidewalk. As they are older, the weak spot on their bellies is harder to damage, as it has hardened considerably.


The surviving very old Anti-Air Tarantula's are used as broodmares for the rest of the herd, and as effective support against enemy air units. They are the Allegiance FVA-442 WASP Gunship's worst enemy on the battlefield, as pilots enter combat with dread to see these slouching behemoths firing copious amounts of flak into the fray.

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