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Cleo glared at the two Elites listening to their orders. She brought up her shot gun, and aimed at Mar with out hesitation, she fired.

Mar dropped to the floor.

Yantari jerked around, then froze, at Cleo now aiming at him.

“Elite Commander 841 have you lost your mind?!” Captain Denchet exclaimed.

841 didn’t answer him.

“Cleo?” Yantari gaped.

Cleo fired, then watched as he fell as well.

“Security to the bridge! 841’s gone insane!” Ten exclaimed.

Cleo shot at the AI unit, then ran out, and started away.

Don came around.


She shot him, then hit him the head, as she started to run for it.

Marines tried to attack her, but she did away with them as well. She came to a team of Elites.

“We don’t want to hurt you SPARTAN, but we will if we have to.” The leader drew his sword.

“You can try, you ugly bastards, but not one of you aliens will ever kill me,” 841 hissed, she aimed, then started to fire. “You'll pay for everything you did."

One Month Later...Edit


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