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20 years, 20 years of peace. The human race has began to rebuild their colonies across the Earth. The UNSC has began the Spartan IV Project. All Spartan IVs have been suited with upgraded versions of the MJOLNIR armour. Custom designs and special emblems to tell eachother apart. All was peaceful, until that fateful day. The day we had all feared. The day the Covenent returned.

"Dane Geruss please report to the Armoury immediately" a voice boomed over the com channels. "Looks like my break's over," sighed Spartan 112.

"I really wish the covenent would just PISS OFF!!" exclaimed Joseph 122. " I thought we had this war won, i guess i was wrong." replyed Aurthor 079. The marines in the armoury soluted as Spartan 112 entered the room.

"Why was i called down here, report!" ordered Spartan 112.

"So your the famous Spartan 112" said Spartan 122 "My name's Joseph 122"

" I don't know about famous but thanks, my names Dane 122" replyed Dane Geruss.

"This is my best friend Aurthor 079"

"Hey, nice to meet you" said Aurthor 079.

"All spartans report to battle stations immediatly" a voice boomed over the com link.

"This is it boys, they found us." said Dane Geruss.

"Let's get a move on," ordered Joseph.

Thus started the second grate covenent war....

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