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Episode opens with Scott watching the body of Rookie getting tea-bagged by an unknown person.

  • Lewis: (To the rhythm of the tea-bags) “Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.”
  • Scott: “Who the fuck are you?”
  • The person looks up but continues to tea-bag.
  • Unknown person: “Victory dance.”
  • Scott: Looks more like necrophilia to me dude.”
  • Unknown person: “Yeah, well. Things get very lonely down here. (He stands up, and walks over to Scott.) “Hi. I’m Scruffy.”
  • Scott: “O…kay... how long have you been here?”
  • Scruffy: “'Bout seven years.”
  • Scott: “Er, Riley, Isabel, you might wanna get in here!”
  • Riley: “Uh, think I'll pass thanks.”
  • Scott: “But I need your intelligence! I’m not too smart you know, and, uh... (Uncertainly) I could do with your brains?”
  • Isabel: (flattered) “Really? My intelligence, you say? Well- wait, how come you want Riley then?”

A pause

  • Riley: “You son of a- You know what? Forget it.”
  • Isabel: “Is there something you have to say?”
  • Riley: “No, no. I’m good.”
  • Isabel: “Are you sure?”
  • Riley: “Yeah, I’m sure.”
  • Isabel: "'Cos you don't sound too sure."
  • Scott: “Uh, guys, touching moment, but can you hurry? This guy is kinda creeping me out!”
  • Isabel: “Yeah, whatever. You stay here and guard the door jackass.”

Isabel goes inside.

  • Scott: “Oh, there you are. Right, Isabel, Scruffy, Scruffy, Isabel. Now-“
  • Isabel: Scruffy? (Seductive voice) “Mmm, I like a scruffy man!”
  • Scott: “Oh would you knock it off!? This is important!”
  • Isabel: “Yeah yeah, what.”
  • Scott: (Thinking, with difficulty) “Right. So, we came to the Ark a few days ago. Right?”
  • Isabel: (Distracted, looking at Scruffy) “What? (Looks at Scott) Oh yeah right. Continue. (Looks back to Scruffy)
  • Scott: “And Scruffy got here seven years ago…”
  • Isabel: “Really? You are so interesting Scruffy!”
  • Scruffy: “Uh, is she coming on to me?”
  • Scott: “Yeah. Ignore her. So anyway, that must mean…”
  • Riley: “That he’s not one of us, and that he came here well before we knew about the Ark or the portal.”
  • Scott: (Uncertainly) “Uh, yeah. I was just about to say the same thing. I knew that.”
  • Isabel: “Riley, I told you to guard the door idiot.”
  • Riley: “Yeah, but Jacob seemed to have it covered. He was hanging out with two other guys. He even looked like he was sleeping.”
  • Isabel: (still distracted) "Right, sure... What?! What did the two other guys look like?”
  • Riley: “I dunno, I couldn’t see them very well. It’s this damn helmet.
  • Scott: “So Scruffy how did you get here?”

Scruffy: “My rebel ship got pulled into a wormhole-thingy-majig. Next thing we know, we all end up stranded here.”

  • Scott: Reb-!!! (Riley melees him)
  • Scott: OW! WHat the fuck was that for!"
  • Riley: “Uh, guys, can I see you outside please?”
  • Isabel: “Yeah sure.”

Isabel, Scott and Riley go outside.

  • Riley: “Colonel, that guy’s a rebel!
  • Isabel: “Really? What makes you think that?”
  • Riley: “Uh, how bout the fact that he just said he was!”
  • Isabel: “I dunno. He seems like a nice guy to me.”
  • Riley: “That’s because you want to fuck him!”
  • Isabel: “How dare you!”
  • Riley: “Listen to me, let’s just play along and pretend we’re rebels too. Okay?”
  • Isabel: (haughtily) “Fine.”

Camera switches to Scott and Scruffy in the base.

  • Scott: “So there were more of you people?”

Isabel and Riley enter.

  • Scruffy: “Yeah. But they got killed off by the Covenant. Plus, I had to eat.”
  • Camera pans to show a pile of bodies.
  • Isabel: “Wait, did you just say-“
  • Riley: “THE COVENANT!?”
  • Isabel: “Holy shit!”
  • Riley: "We gotta warn the others!"

A pause. They all look at Scott.

  • Scott: (False apologetic tone )“Oh right, sorry.” (Clears throat) (false dramatic) “The Covenant!? Nooo!”
  • Isabel: “That’s better.”
  • Riley: “We gotta warn Jacob! And those other people he was with!”
  • Isabel: “Nope. We gotta find a good place to hunker down until we can sort out this mess. And by we I mean you and Scott.”
  • Scruffy: “You are rebels, aren’t you?”
  • Scott: “What? No, we’re not-“

Isabel hits him.

  • Scott: “Ow! is it with people hitting me today!”
  • Riley: “Uh, yeah, sure we’re rebels! Man, we, uh, love rebelling!”
  • Isabel: “Yeah, go rebels!”
  • Scott: “Is there a gas leak in here?”
  • Scruffy: “Well, sorry guys, you can’t stay here.”
  • Scott: “Oh yeah? And why the hell not?”

Scruffy has a Rocket Pod.

  • Scott: “Oh. That’s why.”
  • Riley: “I’m outta here.”
  • Isabel: “Yeah me too.”
  • Scott: “Hey, quit pushing!”

Scruffy waits a short while, then leaves. Afterwards, Lewis wakes up.

  • Lewis: “What? What the hell happened?”

“Hello? Hello? (desperate tone)Anyone?”

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