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The Weapon

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"D-D-Doc! She's a SPARTAN!"

"Who?" Doc came around, helmet still off, then started to gaze, "Oh-my-Lord---Lauren?!"

---Finding Lauren-177 in a casket.

The Weapon Edit

Previously: Edit

We return again to our heroes, last time we saw Cleo, she had just escaped from the UNSC, with the help of Leo-SPARTAN Rogue F06. After Yantari was captured by the Covenant. Upon running into a meteor shower they crash onto Sparta Rog'nyes moons.

Part I Catching up: Edit

"DAMN IT!” Cleo screamed, as the bar broke, then the cutter whipped around, cutting her arm, then it shot into her upper leg. “Son of a b-!” the base of her skull hit a generator, then she hit the front of her helmet on the equipment counter. She slunk to the ground, and moaned.

Ten popped up, “By the Gods!” She shot over, then leaned down, “Cleo?”

Cleo moaned.

Mar and Doc ran in.

"Cleo!” Doc shouted. He got down, then ripped out the energy cutter.

Cleo yelped.

"Good grief!” Doc shouted. “Does anyone from the future know how to not get hurt?!”

"Up yours...” Cleo groaned.

Doc sighed, then picked her up, and started to carry her to the med bay.

"Put me down!” Cleo shouted, becoming light headed, “I can... I can walk... just fine.”


Doc sighed, then pressed his face against his forehead. “You are so lucky it didn't hit the bone.”

"Actually, she's lucky,” Mar corrected.

Doc glared.

"Oh,” Mar mumbled. “My bad, kid... Why'd you remove her armor?”

"I'm repairing it as you two speak,” Blaire appeared out of nothing, “I said that you should activate the tissue resealer, not just sit here!”

Doc crossed his arms.

Blaire growled, “Right, I forgot.” She pushed a button then a scanning mechanism went over Cleo's leg.

Doc tapped his foot, “All of this technology makes me wonder how many lives we could save.”

"Keep in mind, this is from the future, and we can't leave it with you,” Ten said.

Doc shrugged, “That's really too bad.”


Yantari looked up as Ultra Morak walked in, then he scooted closer into the corner.

Morak dropped Yantari's communicator, “This com was made by humans.”

Yantari remained silent, but closed his eyes.

"Who are you?” Morak asked.

The question is, Morak Vel'tenee, is who are you? Are you an Elite Ultra trying to forget the fact that you helped SPARTANs on that weapon station, that the very SPARTAN that saved your life, died because you didn't have the guts to find another way. Or have you completely left it all behind and forgot about it?”

Morak took in a sharp breath.

"Yes, I know all about that,” Yantari said.

Morak started to glare, “Then allow me the knowledge, how do you know that?”


S76 glared at the screen.

"She's good,” Corporal Sanders whispered.

"How'd they get off the ship undetected?” Matchstick asked.

"They didn't,” Specs said, “There was the exact same power surge as when she disappeared the first time, apparently they used that beam-purple thing again.”

"We'll find him, Luke,” Lucky said.

Luke turned away, then started back towards the barracks.

On Station Gamma... Edit

Vira'tis walked towards the conference room, a bit unsure why she had been called in. She twisted her mother's generation bracelet, then walked in.

A large figure turned to her.

Vira was stunned by the sight of none other than the Arbiter.

"Nice of you to join us, please, come," he beckoned her closer.

SPARTAN S76 stood with his arms crossed, "Has she been briefed?"

"No," Shipmistress Val'tira said.

"Very well, Major Commander Vira, we've been attempting to keep this quiet, but we have to know what happened, SPARTAN 841, Yantari, and Mar have disappeared in the anomaly," W42 started.

"We need to send another team in after them," the Arbiter said.

"But you'll be taking a different type of ship in, it'll be more of a combat ship designed by the elites, and you will be leading it," S45 said.

"You'll be taking two Minor SPARTANs with you."

"Minor?" Vira asked.

"They're twin, you might not have heard of Minors, they're not as strong but multiple times faster mentally and physically," S45 said, she let out a slight chuckle, "If I was a hundred years younger I could pass for one."

"But we're also sending in a secondary ship along with you, on that team it will be I, F06, W42, and S45, we'll be right behind you, any questions?"


"Good, you depart ASAP," S76 said.

Vira moaned, then walked out.


Vira halted, then turned around, it was the arbiter.

"I hope you find him," he said, "I need you to find Yantari."

Vira'tis nodded, "I shall do all that I can, excellency."

The arbiter nodded, then left.

Vira watched him walk away, and couldn't help but feel bad, she turned back and started for the ship.

Vira stepped onto the bridge in each side seat sat a four and a half foot SPARTAN, they simultaneously looked back.

"Ella está aquí!" they shouted at once, then jumped up, and shot forward.

In the blink of an eye the two were in front of her, one had red minus signs on his shoulders, and the other had blue pluses.

"¡Soy Más!" the one with pluses said.

"¡Estoy Menos!" the one with minus said.

"¡Somos los gemelos de las menores SPARTAN!"

Vira gulped, "Do you speak the normal human language?"

They glanced at each other, "... No creo que ella nos entiende."

"¡Oh, no, que sólo habla Inglés!" Más cried.

"Realmente necesitamos aprender Inglés," Menos  sighed.

Vira tapped her com, "Sir, do these two speak a language I know?"

"What do you mean?" S45 asked.

"Más and Menos, do they speak english?"

"... No, and their real names are Adam and Aden, I suppose I'll need to arrange a translator, I'll do it, be there in a moment."

"¡S45 acaba de decir para estar listo para salir!" Más shouted.

"¡Vamos!" Menos shouted, then the two vanished to there seats.

Vira shook her head, thinking, what language were they speaking, "Haben Sie zwei Deutsch sprechen können?" They weren't speaking German.

"They're speaking Spanish," Lucky said. "¡Más, menos! Frente y al centro!"

"¡Aye, señora!"

Vira sighed, then took her seat.

Back in the past Edit

Cleo leaned up, then rubbed the back of her neck, she touched her arm where the cutter had hit, it was sore due to the wound still healing.

She removed the sheet, then slid off, she gasped, the floor was freezing, she gasped, seeing that she had no armor on, only her under clothes. A sleeveless shirt, cut off right above her elbows, and shorts extending only to her wrists.

Just then the door opened, Mar froze in place, and gaped. Just then he fell back.

Cleo slapped her fore head, then walked over, and nudged him, "Mar?"

"Cleo...?" Ten whispered.

Cleo turned, looked at herself then sighed, "Just cause a girl's in her under clothes, y'all think the worse."

"Ooh-man, Cleo, I could of sworn I just saw-..." Mar sunk again.

"Ass-hole," she stood back up, then walked over, and wrapped the sheet over her shoulders, it was cold.

"Mar?" Doc walked into view. "Oh."

"Yeah, is he going to be okay?" Cleo asked.

"I think so," Doc said. "But I'll tell you one thing, he wouldn't survive in the medical field."

Cleo chuckled, "Amen."

Casket in the deep Edit

Cleo finally found a barely-fitting, snug, under shirt, and sweat pants. She walked out, then walked bare-foot in the sand across the beach. She saw clouds coming, but absorbed all the sun she could. Doc had made her take some personal time, but she didn't really need it. Cleo stood back up, then had the sudden urge to get wet, she jumped into the waves, it had been years since her last swim. She swam further and further, then ducked under, the sandy bottom had disappeared, and that was when she realized that the beach didn't extend and the drop-offs as she called them, only extended six meters. She pierced to the top for a breath, then ducked back under, she was enjoying the feel of the water over her body, when a wink of light caught her eye. Cleo looked down... There was some type of purple thing. She swam towards it, holding her breath, then once at the bottom, she felt the purple metal, the shade that the Covenant seemed to favor. She grabbed the side, and pulled, it budged, then she pulled harder, and started to drag it. She swam up again, then whiped the sand off, it was huge, four times the size of a drop pod, maybe two thirds the size of a pelican. Cleo swam back to the surface, lungs screaming, then she ducked back under and started to drag it again.

After so long, she had gotten it all the way to the drop offs, and up. Finally after what seemed to be for ever, she had gotten it up to the beach, and to the ship. Cleo allowed herself to collapse. "Ooh---MAR! LEO!"

Doc was the first out, then Mar.

"What the hell is that?"

"Are you okay, Cleo?" Doc asked.

"I'm fine, what's this thing?" Cleo asked.

Doc looked it over, "Seems to be Covenant."

Cleo stood back up, "Thank you for stating the obvious," she retorted.

Mar tapped in the side, then pushed a light. "Dah!" he gasped, then jumped back as it hissed, steam came out, then part of it came up, revealing an icey, glass cover.

"Mar! What did you do?!" Cleo shouted.

"What? Why does it always have to be my fault?" Mar asked.

Cleo stood, then looked, she rubbed away part of the ice, showing the face of a girl. Cleo gasped, deep red hair, pale skin, she appeared to be in sleep, suddenly the cover slid away, revealing the girl to be in SPARTAN armor, she was hooked to all kinds of wires. "D-D-Doc! She's a SPARTAN!"

"Who?" Doc came around, helmet still off, then started to gaze, "Oh-my-Lord---Lauren?!"

Part II Findings: Edit

177... Edit

A tear rolled down his face, "Lauren, how-but-she died!"

"Whoa, who's Lauren?" Cleo asked.

"Lauren is SPARTAN-177, but she died, a year ago, she destroy-," Doc started.

"The Covenant bio weapon," Cleo finished, "Is she alive?"

Doc pointed, "She has a heart beat, please, we have to get her inside!"


Shn'tak gasped as a light started to go off. He pulled up the data. He smiled... The hellion's pod had been found.


In the Nebula. Edit

"Es tan ... bello," Menos sighed.

Vira growled.

"He said it was beautiful," Lucky translated.

"Oh," Vira said, "Más, is this where they disappeared?"

"Um ... Yo no comprendo y no hablo Inglés, señora," Más said.

Lucky sighed, "Ella dijo que aquí está donde desaparecieron."

"O, casi, cabe justo aquí-," Más stopped, as the ship was hit by some sort of wave.

Menos cried, "¡Ola de la proa del puerto! Otro se acerca!!"

"¡Vamos a morir!" Más cried.

"¡Oh, no, no lo son... Vira, damage?!" Lucky shouted.

"What's that?!" Vira shouted.

"¡Es el fantasma nebulosa!" Menos cried.

The twins grabbed each other, "¡Te amo, Menos!"

"¡Te quiero demasiado, mucho Más! Este es el final!" Menos cried.

"Oh no! Everyone hold onto something!"

"¡Más, Menos! Agarrarse de algo!" Lucky screamed.

Upgrades Edit

Cleo started an internal scan and realized she was living on implants replacing most of her vital organs. But they were failing, and she couldn't bare to let Leo know. "Blaire, can you upgrade those implants, we might be able to bring her to consciousness."

"Cleo, I don't think-."

"Blaire! That wasn't a request, do it, if we can bring her to, then we might get some answers," Cleo growled.

"Fine then!" Blaire scowled, the beam went back, and separated to each place the implant was at, after a couple of seconds, it went off line, "It's done."

"Thank you, I'll try to revive her," Cleo said, she took a mild stimulant off her holo graphic tray, then placed it on 177's neck.

Mar walked in, "Ooh, I've gotta see this." He stopped at Cleo's side then watched.

Cleo rolled her eyes, then injected it. She watch, 177 shifted, then nothing...

"Did I give her the right dos-?"

177 eyes shot open, then she bolted up, "I'll kill you, Truth!" she screached.

Cleo grabbed her, then thrusted her back, "Hey-hey-hey you're okay. Mar could you-?"

Mar was frozen in place... "mother..." He squeaked, then fell back.

Cleo rolled his eyes, apparently Mar had a record of fainting.

"Where am I, I'm I dead? What's going on?!" 177 panicked.

"Sh, calm down, I think you've been through a lot. I'm SPARTAN 841, call me Cleo, can you tell me what the last thing you remember is?" Cleo asked.

"Can you give me a sec?" 177 asked.

"Take your time," Cleo said, then patted her shoulder.

177 moaned, then grabbed her head. "How long have I been out?"

"Sorry, I've not the foggiest idea, but I know someone who might," Cleo said.

Doc walked in, "Lauren!"

"Leonardo!" 177 shouted, then jumped out of the pod, nearly tripping over Mar, then ran over, and embraced Leo.

"Lauren, are you alright?" Doc asked.

"What happened, am I alive, or are we all dead?" 177 asked.

"You're alive, some how, we don't know."

Mar sat up, then got to his feet, "I need coffee."

177 turned, then froze, "Is that an elite?"

"Don't worry, he's a good guy," Cleo said.

Mar sighed, "I'll go start the pot."

Cleo smirked as he left, then turned back to the two SPARTAN Rogues, "So, can you tell me what you remember?"

"Why?" 177 asked.

"Look, I know this is a lot to take in, Lauren, but Cleo is kind of-from the future."

"What the f-how-?"

"Long story-short, that explosion of the bio weapon, and the ship, later some how developed into a nebula, then created an anomaly, when we went to investigate it, we were thrown into the past, Mar and I are from over one hundred years in the future, elites and humans live in peace where I come from," Cleo explained.

177 let go of Doc, "Is it true?"

Doc nodded, "All of it, she even knows me in the future."

177 stopped, "But not me?"

"No, I think I polluted the time line even more by finding you," Cleo said.

Mar walked back in with a bag of popcorn in his hand, then sat at a terminal, and put on a movie called Alien vs. Predator.

"Is he eating popcorn and watching a movie?" 177 asked.

Cleo shrugged, "You should see him during a horror movie." She looked back, just in time to see one of the aliens burst out.

Mar yelped, then fell out of the seat.

"Anyway, we need your help, I think you can assist us in getting back," Cleo said.

177 nodded, "How can I help?"

Part III: Edit

¿Dónde estamos? Edit

Vira grunted, as the ship came to a stop after being in some version of slipspace, "Report?"

"Todos los sistemas de conexión," Menos said.

"Systems offline, Vira," Lucky grunted, getting up.

"Voy a empezar de recarga," Más informed.

"Más, is going to try to start the systems," Lucky said.

"Good, find out where we are, we need to contact the station."

"Señora! Buque en el puerto! It-doesnt look como uno de los nuestros..."

"No, Menos, that looks like-," Lucky started.

"¡La transmisión entrante a la izquierda en nuestra frecuencia ultra," Más said, then turned, "Es de la Destiny!"

"Transmission left by the Destiny!"

Vira tapped her command chair's screen, then read it:

Ultra Commander's Log: :Date: UNKOWN-2537
We're stuck in the past, far-in the past, the Human Covenant War. Yantari, my second in command is lost, captured by the Covenant, and dead for all I know. F06 was with us when we crashed on this planet, it's been two months and we're still making repairs, but without any source of power, out chances look slim. We can only pray, if this is ever found, I am Elite SPARTAN Rogue Commando 841.

"It's from Cleo! But, this can't be right, it says 2547!" Vira exclaimed. "That's one hundred fifty-two years in the past!"

"La transmisión dice que estamos en el pasado!" Menos shouted.

"¡Yo sé!" Lucky shouted.

Vira'tis quickly responded.

A blast threw everyone off guard.

"¡Despegar a estribor!" Más shouted.

"Wait a second, that looks like the moth-ball ship Twilight's Hope, why the hell is it attacking, and how are we in the past?!" Lucky shouted.

"¡Transmisión entrante-uh-Inglés!" Menos shouted.

"¡En los altavoces!" Lucky shouted.

"Unidentified ship, surrender, this is the UNSC ship Twilight's Hope!"

Lucky tapped the com, "Twilight's Hope, this is SPARTAN Rogue S45, cease fire! Repeat, cease fire!"

There was a girl's voice chuckling, "Right, and I'm SPARTAN 087, nice try."

Lucky and Vira gazed at each other in horror.


"Lets get down there, the ship's disabled, take 'em alive, soldiers!" Captain Pillar ordered.


Vira gabbed two stun needlers, then put them on her sides, "Stun weapons only!"

"¿Qué te dijo?"

"Ella dijo que sólo armas paralizantes," Lucky translated, picking up a sniper rifle, then loaded the stun bullets, "Vira, we don't know what to expect, we have to be careful."

"Aye, ma'am!" Vira said, then the four made for the entrance.


Vira prepared, then watched, they were forcing the door open.

Lucky prepared.

Más and Menos waited, barely able to keep still.

The door burst open, then a small object bounced in.

"¡Granada!" Más shouted.

It exploded, light blaring.

Vira bellowed in anger, then shot at it, taking it off line.

A SPARTAN came out of no where, forcing her back.

Vira punched the SPARTAN's gut, and forced it back, then jumped back up.

The twins were a blur, as they shot around, and took down one SPARTAN then moved to a marine, "Rápido! Rápido! Arriba!"

Vira was tackled by SPARTAN X99. Vira struggled out of his grip, then jumped forward, and tumbled front-first out of the ship's entrance. Vira froze, in place, Marines everywhere.

"Vira, get down!" Lucky shouted, then jumped forward, and bashed a SPARTAN in the head, then stunned it. "Be careful."

"¡Chicas! ¡Necesitamos ayuda!" Más cried, in B92's grip.

"¡Yo también!" Menos shouted in R140's grip.

Vira shot forward, then kicked forward, hitting B92 in the helmet.

Más shot away, then came back and started to puch B92 in the helmet faster than an assault rifle. "Toma, ¡Bastardo!"

A SPARTAN jumped on Vira from  behind, rapping it's arms around her neck.

Vira roared, then attempted to rip it off her back, then ended up falling. She ellbowed it in the gut, then was about to  get up, when a short SPARTAN butted her in the head with a sniper rifle. Vira went into a daze from the blow, then gazed up at SPARTAN S45. "Lucky..."


Lucky jolted around, seeing a shorter SPARTAN standing over Vira'tis, "VIRA!" Lucky tackled the small SPARTAN. "I'll show you!"

"Ha! So you're the one who---said-," the SPARTAN stopped, seeing her number, and noticing Lucky ingraved onto the front of her helmet, then clover emblems on her shoulders. "What the hell are you?"

"As I said, SPARTAN S45, Alex, AKA Lucky."

Vira groaned as she stood back up.

The two Luckys gazed at each other.


"Ayuda Luck-!" Más was about to shout, when the SPARTAN holding him brought a hand over his mouth, gagging.

"¡Suéltalo!" Menos cried, with the other SPARTAN's arms ensnaring him.

"¡Cállate!" the younger Lucky shouted.

"Don't tell them what to do," Lucky said in a deadly tone.

SPARTANs surrounded them all, weapons up and ready.

"Get off Lucky," S76 said.

Lucky shook her head, then sighed, "Haven't changed in a hundred years," she sighed, then stepped off younger Lucky.

She and Vira back came back to back.

"Drop your weapons or the two tornados can die!" S76 ordered.

"What do we do?" Vira whispered.

"You do what he said!" 345 shouted.

"How did he hear that?" Vira whispered.

"His name is Joel, call sign Bat, he can hear anything. Put him on a baren planet, he can hear a pen drop."

"And how would you know that?" Joel asked.

"¡Capitán-!" Más was cut off, by C14 gagging him again.

"¡No lo hagas!" Menos shouted.

"¡Cierra la boca antes de que te mate a mí mismo!" Kylee shouted.

"¡Perra!" Menos whispered.

Lucky sighed, "Why the hell did you attack?!"

S76 chuckled, "As if that freak isn't reason enough!"

Vira growled, then tensed.

Lucky put her hand on Vira's shoulder, then patted her shoulder.

"Drop you weapons now!"

Vira and Lucky dropped their guns.

T23 was about to grab Vira, when she slung her arm around, then threw him into the others.

Vira shot forward, then knocked S76 down, "I'll show you who's the freak here!"

S76 slugged her in the gut, then kicked her back, he grabbed his shot gun as she got back up then fired.

"VIRA!" Lucky screamed.

"¡Mayor!" the twins shrieked.

Lucky ran to her side just as she collapsed.

Vira started to wheeze as her purple blood started to gush out of each bullet hole.

"Don't you dare die on me soldier! You hear me, Vira'tis Vel'ten!"

Vira reached for her arm, unable to make words.

"Don't speak, Vira, it'll only tire you, you're going to be fine," Lucky assured.

Just then two of the SPARTANs grabbed her. "Let me go!"

Here she was being taken into custody by her own brothers and sisters.

"Vira! You've got to help her!"


Vira felt her life fading, leaving her, this was her end, all she could think about was Yantari, the one she felt love to, he was strong, intellegent, and he was the one. She gazed up, not moving, until she couldn't hear Lucky screaming at the SPARTANs anymore, the all faded to blackness.


S76 looked down at the elite female, she was dieing, and he felt a bit bad, by taking her by surprise, why did he feel that way? She was just another alien. "Skates, Speed, get that thing to sick bay." He hated saying that, and glared as they carried her out..

Back into space... Edit

177 watch closely as Mar and Doc were watching Independence Day.

Doc slowly reached up, and covered his eyes.

Mar moved his hand, then Doc tried again until they started to fight.


Cleo screamed, then fell out of her chair. “Blaire! Are you trying to give me a heart attack?!”

Blaire giggled, “Perhaps.”

177 chuckled. For once she didn't feel---like a SPARTAN, she felt peace about where she was.

Cleo grimaced, then stood, and yawned, “Enjoying the m-?” She stopped at Leo and Mar wrestling on the floor, “-movie.”

"If you're going to gape like that then you shouldn't be watching that!” Leo grunted.

"Yes, mom! I think I'm a big boy now!” Mar growled, then thrusted Leo off.

Cleo sighed, “Welcome to my world,” she told 177.

177 actually smiled, “Funny.”

Leo stopped, Mar still holding his face back, “Did you just chuckle... and smile???”

Mar gave another good shove, throwing Leo back into a group of crates.

Lauren shrugged.

Leo jumped out of the crates.

"Call her Giggles now,” Mar chuckled.

177's smile vanished.

Mar shrugged, “Nevermind, back to the movie, why were humans so---zenophobic?”

Cleo stopped, “Did you every look at some of the footage from the Human Covenant War?”

Mar crossed his arms, “Oh-yeah, go ahead and pick on the only alien left on our team! We need to find Yantari! He's like a brother, I'm going to see what I can do to help Ten and Blaire!”

Cleo frowned as he stormed out. She turned to 177, "I'm sorry, being the only alien can be tough. It's normally him, Yantari, and me as the only human."

177 nodded.

Cleo turned away, then started to exit. "Care to join me?"

177 nodded, curious about what the future armor would look like.

Cleo stepped into the auto suiter, then waited as the suit formed arounder her. The frks twirled, creating light, then she saw her heads-up display appear.

177 gaped.

"Mark L," Cleo shrugged.

"Bet the features are kick-ass," she whispered.

Cleo rocketed up, then hovered, "Sure does." She circled 177.

"Whoa," 177 awed. "How are you-?"

"Simple rocket science, you'll get there in about one-hundred-fifty-two years," Cleo landed. "Another thing is sharp-ends, they're like claws, spears, any of that." The energy sharp-ends came out of her fingers, then her elbows, knees, and boots.

177 stopped, "That's a bit over-kill, don't you think?"

They vanished, "I didn't make it, Stiff."

Stiff grimaced.

"Relax," Cleo whispered, hand on her shoulder.

"Just the way I am, and I still don't understand what happened, I want to find out why I'm alive."

Cleo nodded, "Follow me." She rushed over to the closest terminal, then opened a searcher database screen. She started to type on the holo-key board.

<SEARCH>   SPARTAN Rogue-177


Cleo tapped the side, waiting. "Your profile might be the only thing to come out."

"Is there something not right with it?" Stiff asked.

"No, but I don't think Blaire is giving me clearance to everything, were you involved with the ONI-Elit-I mean the ONI before you destroyed the weapon?"

"Not really, they might have been trying to bury something," Stiff shrugged, leaning over her shoulder.


"Don't jump," Cleo warned.

Blarie popped up, "What are you trying to do?!"

Stiff gasped.

"Trying to dig up what I can on Stiff, we need to find out what happened, and why-."

Blaire waited.

"Why what?" Stiff asked.

Cleo flashed back to the Anomaly consuming the moon. "Blaire! Compare moons to Sparta to this planet and moons!"

"... Match, this is the moon the anomaly consumed."

Cleo turned to Stiff, "It was you..."

"What?" Stiff asked.

"Or... that pod. Blaire, situation update."

"Actually, we were able to charge o few coils with a bit of juice from the non-vital systems, we could break orbit, but I wouldn't recommend a fight just yet."

Cleo nodded, "That pod has something to do with sending us here. Break orbit, time to get back into space."

Messages... Edit

Cleo took her place, then started to activate all controls. She started to  fire up the engines, then brought main systems offline.

"Doc, show 177 a seat," She ordered. "Blaire, Ten start bringing plasma manifolds online. Mar, activate communication systems and long range scanners, start looking for a Covenant cruiser. Doc, could-never mind, Blaire, activate invisibility."

The ship rose off the ground, then flew into the air.

"Why do you need to find a Covenant ship?" 177 asked.

"Power source, we need as many plasma batteries as we can get our hands on," Cleo said.

177 tensed.

"Don't worry," Cleo said, "Mar is going to retrieve them, anything?"

"Yep, we're already on our way," Blaire said.


Mar grimaced as he transported, then opened his eyes to the Covenant ship. He frowned, then put the receivers on the plasma batteries. He looked back, hearing footsteps coming, then dove behind a group of crates, then quickly transported the batteries. Just as someone walked in. Mar peeked up.

"The Hellion wasn't on the planet, neither was the pod," an elite said.

"Where could it have gone!" an elite Major said, hitting the wall.

"Shn'tak, what if it was the humans?"

"It wasn't, someone else found it, and we're going to find them, we'll activate the weapon just at the right time and crush them!"

Mar gulped, what were they talking about.

"The Prophets want the Hellion found at all costs, the traitor that Morak found in the canyon might know something."

Mar clenched his fists, "Yantari..."

"Morak is weak, I sensed his compassion for the Hellio-."

Mar was back on the Midnight, "No! They were talking about Yantari!" he shouted, then turned to Blaire at the controls.

She blinked, then disappeared.

Mar roared in his rage.


Cleo gasped, hearing the roar, practically shaking the ship.

"What was-?" 177 started.

"Cleo, I think Mar is infuriated, apparently someone was talking about Yantari when I pulled him out!" Blaire said.

Cleo sighed, then stood up, "Give him a little time, I know how angry an elite can get it might not be safe to go down there."

"Oh you won't have to go down there, 'cause I'm up here!" Mar smashed a radio box with his boot, then stormed over to his seat, and hit the controls, nearly breaking them.

"Mar, I'm sorry, I promise you we're going to find him," Cleo said, then put a hand on his shoulder.

"Really, Cleo, we're on our own out here, all alone, there's no hope."

Cleo glanced back at Doc. She pointed at him, then at Mar.

Doc shook his head.

There is no possible way, I'm only trained in human physcology.

Doc's message came up on her heads up display.

Cleo sighed. "There's always something we might be alone but-."

"Cleo stop, I'm getting a transmission from---the Descendant, one of ours, it's a response to the message we left drifting on frequecy Beta!"

Cleo gasped.

Mar jumped to his feet.

"On screen!" Cleo ordered.

Vira appeared.

"Vira!" Mar shouted.

"Cleo! Mar! Yantari! This is Vira'tis, we were sent in after you, but we found arselves in the past just as you said!"

There was an explosion.

"We're under attack by the Twilight's Hope! We need help now-!"

Vira was cut off at an explosion.

"Vira!" Mar shouted.

"Did she say Twilight's Hope?!" 177 asked, "Captain Pillar!"

"Fleet Admiral Pillar," Doc corrected, "And worst of all, Luke!"

"What's wrong with Luke?" 177 asked.

"Lets just say after you death he bacame... off, up here," Doc said,m tapping on his helmet. "We isn't even completely in charge anymore, our CO is a Helljumper named Seargent Trevor Torres."

177 took in a sharp breath.

"He's had one obsession after another, Cleo is his current one, and I don't know how far he'll go to find her."

"Vira," Mar stared at the freeze frame, "Was she captured?"

Doc stood, "Blaire, do you know where the Twilight is?"

Blaire appeared, "About four hours away."

"Get us there," Doc said, "I can find out whats going on."

"Me too," 177 said.

"Lauren, keep in mind everyone thinks you're dead," Doc said.

"We need to bring you back at the right time," Cleo said.

"Blaire, get us there ASAP, Doc, lets work out a way to get you back with out suspicion."

Returning... Edit

"Are you sure this will work?" Doc asked.

Cleo nodded, "I'll send your helmet in first, then I'll send you through, you can tell tehm you escaped, we went over this."

Doc sighed, then threw in his helmet.

"And keep this link, it has a anti-scan inhibitor, no one is going to know if you cantact us or we contact you."

"Tell Ten I said thanks."

Ten popped up, "Actually that was Mar." Then he vanished.

"That's a first," Doc whispered.

"Not at all. Mar might be immature, and not seem like the type, but he's completely reliable. Get ready."

Doc prepared.


Doc jumped through.

"Good luck Leonardo..."


Terra and Jason slowly walked into the launch bay, "Luke's been a bit on edge lately."

"You can't blame him, he and Lauren seemed close, he lost her, then Doc told Pillar he wasn't fit for duty, then Doc went missing. Plus those guys we caught," Skates said.

Terra shrugged, "Yeah, and it's wierd that that one is named Alex, has the same Spartan number and everything as Lucky."

"Index is mad 'cause Luke put her on guard duty to translate the two latino twins."

The two stopped, then snapped to at the sight of Luke and Torres, "At ease."

"We still haven't gotten anything out of any of them," Luke said.

"Matchstick, didn't you learn a bit about interrogation?" Torres asked.

Terra gulped, "We all did, and-um, my techniques are a bit---painful, sir."

Torres opened his mouth to reply when suddenly a helmet came out of nowhere, and hit him in the back of the head. "Ow! Son of a-!" He turned.

Terra gasped as Leo shot out of a rupture, yelling, then landed on her.

"Damn... that one hurt," Doc moaned.

"Leo!" Luke shouted, then pulled him up.

Skates helped Terra back to her feet.

"Leo, are you okay?"

Doc shook his head, "Dizzy, but I'll live."

Torres picked up Doc's helmet, "You lost this, son."

Doc accepted his helmet, then rubbed his neck, "Wow, I've got to learn how to use one of those."

"What happened?" Luke asked.

"I woke up a little bit ago, didn't know what had happened, 'cause the last thing I remembered was facing the screen. 841 asked me about some code, then I took my chance with her back turned, and jumped through a blue thing," Doc said.

Luke blinked, "Are you okay?"


"Are you positive?" Torres asked.

Doc gave him the look that any medic would for being asked that question.

"Alright then, were you able to get any information?" Torres asked.

"Other than the red elite-friend of hers is a immature idiot, no-not really," Doc sighed.

Torres growled, "We have another problem, Matchstick, Rollerblades, let the Admiral know we found Doc."

Skates growled, "It's Skates."

But Torres, Doc and Luke were already on there way to the brig.

"We found another group, one elite, a SPARTAN, and two twin-spanish-annoying little pests."

"¡Vamos a salir de aquí!" a voice shouted.

"¡Equipo de asesinos!" another screamed.

"¡Permítanme por ellos! Permítanme por ellos!"

"¡Cállate! Estúpido, idiota maldita!" Doc heard Kylee yell.

"¡Nos hacen, perra!"

Doc stopped, then started to walk again. He walked in to see Kylee argueing with two kids in red C.O.B. SPARTAN armor. "Are those bars even strong enough to hold SPARTANs?"

"We reinforced them with some of the ship's alloy, if we havet to, we can set up a shield, but the ship's alloy is holding," Torres said.

Doc held back a chuckle as the two tried to get through and grab Kylee.

"¡Compórtate, o te pego un tiro!" Kylee shouted.

"¡Hazlo! Ya tiro Vira!" the one with minuses on his shoulders shouted.

A six-foot, white-haired, female SPARTAN came from the other cell, "¡Más! Menos! ¡Cállate, y hacer lo que ella dice, o me tiro fuera de esta celda y vienen de allá y el silencio que yo mismo!" then she disappeared again.

Doc blinked, as the two seemed to obey, what ever she had said and they both sat in the corner.

"I guess I should say 'thank you'," Kylee muttered into the other cell.

She jumped back as a helmet was chunked at the bars.

"Or not!" Kylee scowled.

Doc walked over, then glance in, the SPARTAN's chest plate read S45. "Lucky..."

The SPARTAN looked up, her eyes were crystal blue, and her hair was snow white, which was the only sign of age. Doc looked back, then walked over to Torres. "Sir, I might be able to talk to the S45 SPARTAN, I'm trained in phscology. If you leave, and put Kylee on guard outside."

Torres sighed, "I don't think-."

"Five minutes."

"Fine," Torres sighed, then walked out, "Index, with me."

Doc put a small disrupter on Kylee's back before she left, scrambling any sounds she might here, then he walked back over to S45's cell.

"Just to let you know, I heard, and I'm not speaking to you," Lucky said.

"No, I was just trying to get rid of them, Lucky. I know you're from 2699," Doc said.

Lucky looked up, "What?"

"I've been with Cleo the past month, we're working on a rescue mission, Yantari was captured by Covenant," Doc said.

Lucky stood.

"But something else, Cleo, she found Lauren!"

Lucky walked over, "If you know I'm from the future, prove it."

Doc pulled out the transponder, "I'm keeping in touch with Cleo, but didn't you hear me? Stiff, she's alive!"

Lucky nearly gaped, "No, she was killed, body never found."

"Believe me, she's alive, we found her in this cryo-stasis pod thing, you'll see her soon enough, but I can't stay for now," Doc said.

"Leonardo, there's something I need you to do, the elite in charge of the mission, Vira'tis-."

"Yeah, she sent the transmission."

"Luke shot her, she's in the med-bay, critical. She's a close friend, and was one of my best students, can you-?"

Doc raised his hand, "I'll do everything that I can." He extended his fist to her.

The old SPARTAN smiled, "It seems like I haven't done this in a hundred years." she brought her fist to his, then they locked arms, "Now go."

Doc nodded, then exited the brig.

The Healing Process Edit

Doc followed Luke to the med-bay, his usual post when they entered, Doc walked into the first containment room, usual used for hostile patients of any kind. There lay the female elite that he had seen on the transmission, Vira'tis Vel'ten. "So, when I talked to S45 she said something about this, she wanted me to save her life."

Luke nodded, "You might as well do it, I just want answers. I'll put Matchstick and Ghost on guard duty, keep me updated.

Doc nodded as he left, then turned back to Vira, hooked up to all the life support he could think of... he needed to work fast.


Cleo hummed as she slowly typed in a series of commands, attempting to lighten Mar’s spirit with a cheerful joke. She adjusted the artificial gracity on the Delta plating, then set the gravity to the cealing, and pushed enter. She got back up, then walked over to the screen, then put in a classic known as National Treasure. She jumped into the chair, then put a singal strap over herself to hold her in place. All the blood drained to her head, but she stayed.

Sure enough, then sound of a movie playing drew Mar into the Galley.

"Hey, wanna watch National treasure with me? It’s a classic made in early 2000,” Cleo offered.

Mar sighed, “I know what you’re trying to do, Cleo.” He said walking forward. “But it’s not going to wo-RRK! Oof!” he shouted flying up, and landing on the cealing.

Cleo looked up, “How’s the weather up there?”

Mar stopped for a moment, when suddenly she flew up, with the strap giving way. “OOF!”

Cleo grunted, then looked at Mar, she shrugged, “Oops?”

Mar started to laugh.

"I thought that might jog your attitude,” Cleo laughed.

"Nice one!”

"Thank you, thank you very much.”

The two stood, then looked at the real floor.

"You don't think that Blaire or Ten 'll-?” Mar was cut off as the gravity let go.

"Ah-oah!” They hit the ground

"Natural gravity reactivated.”

"Blaire!” Cleo growled.

"Lauren did it!”

… “I was just trying to fix a problem!”

Mar started to laugh again, “Oh, we've got to be the funnest team there is!”

Cleo rolled her eyes, “Good to have you back.”

"Cleo, incoming transmission from Leo.”

Cleo jumped up, “Projection!”

Doc's torso appeared.

"Leo, you have to set the link down,” Cleo sighed.

Doc growled, then dropped it, “Cleo! It’s Vira-she!”

"What’s wrong?” Mar interrupted.

"Shut up! She’s in critical state, Luke shot her, and if you don’t help me, she’s going to die!” Doc shouted.

Mar stopped, “Where was she hit?”

"Lower torso, stomach area, she’s on complete life support, you need to tell me what to do,” Doc said."Damn!” Cleo muttered, then quickly brought up a holographic key board, then typed in a series of commands, “Alright, Leo, this should completely take care of all problems, are the bullets out?”

"Yes,” Leo growled.

"Stupid question,” Cleo muttered, “Sending instructions to your armor's headsup display, follow them, update me-.”

"US!” Mar growled.

"-ASAP,” Cleo said, then cut the channel.

"Yantari! Don't interrupt me!” Cleo scowled.

"Don't tell me what to do!” Mar growled.

"I still outrank you, keep that in mind!”

"Oh really? Cleo, the UNSC Elite Guard doesn't exist! We-are-alone! Accept it!”

"What did Thel' Vadam say when he and the chief had to work together?! They hated each other, remember?! Now, I quote 'Were it so easy...' You don't even know what it means do you? No. Cause you're a stupid idiot who got lucky!” Cleo scowled.

Mar glared at her, “I'll show you stupid, 841... You have no worries about Yantari, but I draw the line at Vira!” Mar roared, then jumped Cleo.

Cleo, battered his back as he slammed her into the wall. She pulled her self up, flipped up, then over him, wrapping her arms back over his neck, then through him over her.

Mar got back up, then charged her again.

Cleo slipped under him, avoiding his blow, only to have his arm come around and smack her back, knocking off her helmet. “Mar stop it! I'm not going to fight you!”

Mar grabbed Cleo, and threw her to a table.

She tumbled off the table, then watched as Mar started for her. She wouldn't fight him... he'd lose.

Mar picked her up, then tossed her again, until Lauren walked in.

"What's with all th-whoa.”

Mar had Cleo in his grip, then through her into Lauren.

Lauren fell back into the wall, “Ow-oh-he's really strong.”

"Actually, my armor's lighter than the stuff from the Human Covenant War,” Cleo grunted. She turned, Mar was about to charge her again. “Blaire! Ten, Mars gone crazy, seal the doors till he gets a grip!”


Leo activated the device, then watched as it hummed to life. A blue beam shot out, and ran a scanning device over the elite's body. A series of options appeared. Leo selected the correct one, then watched as the beam focused, and seemed to start the process.

"Leo, I detected an energy surge, did one of those guys decide to check in?” Specs's voice came through the crackling com.

"Nope, what kind of energy surge was it?” Leo asked.

"Still working on that, gotta go, the Sergeant is driving me up the wall about this whole thing,” Specs said, then cut the channel.

Leo watched it patiently, the timing said only two more minutes... He started to wish he had one, imagining how many lives he could save, but knew the ones he lost were the ones who had originally died, and by just thinking about his future could change it dramatically.


Leo glanced up, the device vanished.

He walked over. There was a stronger pulse forming.

"Hoo-rah,” Leo whispered, then started to remove the unnecessary life support. Vira was breathing fine on her own now, what ever the machine had done, it did a damn good job of it.

He thought of telling Luke, but then decided he'd better let her know what was going on first.

Vira stirred.

"Vira'tis?” Leo asked.

She groaned.

"Vira, can you hear me?”

The she-eilte's green eyes opened. Then blinked. “---Lucky?”

"Vira, I'm SPARTAN Rogue F06.”

She turned, “But-you're just-oh... past. What happened?”

"You were shot by Luke, don't worry, I know you're from the future, Cleo and Mar are concerned,” Leo said.

Vira was about to sit up, then grunted.

"Take it easy, your body is still trying to heal... I think, honestly I don't know much on your anatomy.”

"Am I captured then?” Vira asked.

"Afraid so, but Cleo is working on a rescue.”

"Has she found Yantari?” Vira asked.

"Afraid not, but she and Mar are doing everything they can, chances are Luke is going to want to put you in a cell when you're well enough, but I'll put a good word out.”

"Thank you... You do look like a younger version of the ancient SPARTAN Rogue,” Vira whispered. “I sure hope they don't send anyone else through the anomaly though.”

Controlled Edit

"You think Mar is going to be okay?” Lauren asked.

"Eventually,” Cleo said, “Now, this simulation is based on the battle of the Alamo, I'm turning the safety on, so you won't feel any pain, good luck.”

"But, there weren't any women fighting in the Battle of the Alamo,” Lauren muttered.

"Don't worry about it, here we go. Computer! Activate simulation!” Cleo watched as her armor faded into the clothes of the old days.

"Holy crud!” Lauren shouted, jumping out of the way of a cannon ball. “Jeez louise! What the heck was-!

"They're coming around!”

"We need help!”

"Where's Crockett?!”

Lauren ran across the field, with her rifle, then started to shoot the enemy, no one asked her about being female, and apparently the simulation made her looks changed.

Cleo came to her side, “Lost you for a moment there!”

"No kidding!”

Just then the mexicans stormed the wall, making it over.

Cleo started to fight hand to hand.

Lauren fell back, and just as a mexican soldier was about to shoot, BAM! He fell, dead. She looked up to see David Crockett, who extended a hand to her. Lauren accepted then finally started to fight again. Just then, she noticed a familiar shape laying on the ground, she ran over, then turned the corpse over, “Cl-Cl-Cleo?”

Lauren jolted forward, then grunted, and fell down.

"Dang, why'd you let yourself get distracted?” Cleo asked.

They stood in what seemed to be a void.


It all vanished, and they remained in the simulation room, “I wasn't really dead, the computer leaves a generated corpse when you die, anyway, a lot harder than you thought, huh?”

Lauren blinked, then nodded.

Cleo chuckled, “Relax, I haven't even survived to the last hour of the battle on setting twelve.”

Lauren pretended to chuckle, “Great.”

"I know, you'll get the hang of it, anyway, we have almost every movie you could think of, any requests?” Cleo asked.

"Why aren't you trying to work instead of-?”

An alarm sounded, “RED ALERT! All hands to battle stations!”

Cleo started out, “Computer, holo simulations off! Come on!”

They stopped, seeing Mar on the bridge.

He raised his hands, “I'm sorry, I was out of place, I'll make it up, for now we need to deal with this.”

"What is it?” Cleo asked, taking the Captain's chair.

"Someone is trying to get a signal to us, but it's alien.”

"Mar, we've been over this, I'm an alien to you, and you're an alien to me,” Cleo growled.

"No, I mean as in not native.”

"Oh,” Cleo rolled her eyes, then brought up a holo-screen, and searched the frequency.


"I'm accessing the implants now,” the Minor informed.

"Quickly,” Shn'tak said.

"Yes, excellency,” the Minor said.


Lauren felt an odd sensation within her skull, then twitched, and shook her head attempting to shake it off, what ever it was.


"Activate the sensors, audio and visual.”

An image appeared. There was an odd-looking SPARTAN. Then an Elite became visible. A major, red armor, trimmed in black with white detail.

"A Heretic,” Shn'tak growled, clenching his fist.

"Mar, have you found what pinged the sensors?” the SPARTAN asked, female.

"What ever it is, it's sneaky,” the major said.

A hologram appeared, and the image faced it, the Hellion was looking at the Elite AI. "Allow me."

The AI became solid.

Shn'tak gasped, as the AI took a seat, then started to use the controls.

Another, female, human AI appeared. "I can help too."

The AI became solid as well.

"Blaire, Ten, I don't care, beam me and Lauren to sensory." the SPARTAN ordered.

"Aye ma'am."

The image became purple, then faded to a different room, and the image started to move as the hellion walked.

"Cleo, what do you want me to do?" the hellion asked.

"Man that terminal, run a check." The black SPARTAN walked over, then flame shot out from under her and she rocketed up.

"Take control, now!" Shn'tak ordered.

"No, wait," Morak ordered. "Find out who that SPARTAN is."

"They call her 841, Minor, take control, use the terminal to find more details on that SPARTAN, I've never seen that type before," Shn'tak said.

The minor did as he was told.


Lauren gasped, as her hands went forward, and started to work with out her will. "What the he-?" she started. Just then she felt her breath taken away, and she couldn't stop herself, what the hell is going on?


"Here, this is the Elite SPARTAN Rogue Commando-841. Name: Cleopatra. Born-no, that's impossible," the minor whispered.

"What is it?"

"This says she was born one-hundred-forty-six years from now, in 2683."

"What?!" Shn'tak growled.

It was all true.

Shn'tak's eyes narrowed, "This is impossible. Get this to the Hierarchs now!"


Cleo turned, as Lauren stumbled back, gasping for air. "You okay, kid?"

Lauren felt herself, "Yeah, somethings wrong though... very-very wrong..."

"What is it?" Cleo asked.

Lauren shook her head, "Nothing, it's nothing."

Cleo shrugged.

"Cleo, I lost the signal, what ever it was is gone."

Cleo growled, "Keep and eye on it, Blaire."

"Aye, ma'am."

Cleo walked over, then pulled Lauren to her feet. "Are you sure you're alright?"

Lauren nodded, "I'm certain." But inside, she knew something was very, very wrong... What had happened to her when she had gone missing?...

New duo... Edit

Specs growled, then hit the controls, "Blast it!"

"That's what I'm for," Blaster said, walking in, "Problem?"

"I can't hack these damn systems! Each time I get close, the AI things stop me!"

"The wah?" Blaster muttered.

"Oh man, seriously, I forgot, just let him go!" Specs shouted.

"Did you absorb a little too much voltage?" Blaster asked.

"Come on, the guy is an idiot, just let him go, please! I can't handle being in the same room as him!" Specs shouted.

Blaster started to back away, "Yeah, I'm going to-oof!" he ran into a door, "Ow! Son of a-! Come on, Pat, just open the door!"

"He didn't shut the door."

Blaster turned, then stopped at a female AI glaring at him, right at his helmet. Blaster gulped, "Please don't kill me."

The AI growled, "I wouldn't risk polluting the timeline anymore than I already have. Mai'leen, we need to keep an eye on that one he's trouble."

"This I know," an Elite AI appeared, female.

"Why couldn't you have just let him leave? Agh!" Specs slammed his head into the controls.

"Because, it is logical that he would have reported the happenings to a supirior," the human AI said.

"Karai, we can't just keep trapping them."

"I know!"

Blaster turned around, then started banging on the door, "FIXIT! Doc! Matchstick! Striker! Help!"

"Don't force us to restrain you, SPARTAN," Mai'leen admonished.

"Anybody on the coms?! There's two ferrel AI is this ship!" Blaster shouted.

"That's it! He won't listen," Karai said, then snapped her fingers.

Part of the wall slid away, then metal cords shot out, towards Blaster.

"Holy shisnos!" Blaster shouted, then dodged them, "Ha! H-ah!" Blaster started to run around the bridge dodging the agile cords. Blaster jumped up, then dove over another, and slipped under one in front of him, when something ensared his left ankle, then brought him down. Blaster shouted, as another wrapped around his neck, then pulled him up. Blaster grabbed the cord, and was about to pull it off, when Karai walked over, spread out her hand, revealing electricity, "Goodnight, SPARTAN X99."

Blaster shouted as the stunning electricity shot through him, then his body went limp.

Mai'leen sighed, "Sad."

"I'm called a Combat AI for a reason, Mai'leen. Don't worry, he isn't dead, now back to-where's W27?!" Karai shouted.

The two looked to where Specs was yanking random wires.


Karai phazed over.

Specs didn't even have the chance to realize what happened, before he dropped unconscious.

SPARTAN Hunt... Edit

The prophets watched the image, finally it was finished.

Morak waited.

Truth was the first to speak, "If this SPARTAN is from the future, than this means that the heretic you found is as well."

"Yes excellency."

Mercy nodded, "The SPARTAN needs to be found. It could know what is to come of the Covenant."

Regret smiled grimly, "Can the information not be pried from the heretic?"

"I fear that is not as easy as thought, and humans, despite it is a SPARTAN are far easier to break," Shn'tak advised.

"Very well, use any and all means to capture the SPARTAN, Fleetmaster Vi'roq. Ultra, you have experience with SPARTAN hunting, you go as well," Truth ordered.

"Excellency, what of the hellion?"

"If you make contact, incompasitate, and leave her," Mercy ordered.


Cleo continued to run scans in search of Yantari, she had the sudden urge to start again, something in her, determination. Vira'tis was going to live, and it was time for her to jump back into it. She searched in every way she could possibly think of.


"What is it Lauren, I'm on a roll, and you're about to impede my progress."


Cleo sighed then turned around, "Yes?"

"I---detected a signal from the surface of the planet bellow."

"What kind?"

It took a moment for 177 to respond. "Human."

"The UNSC ship will get it."

"... The---signal is---weak whatever it is might not last..."

Cleo growled, "Fine. Ten!"

An odd-looking rifle appeared in her hand. "Keep everything scanning while I'm gone."

"Aye sir."

Cleo beamed away.

Lauren shook her head, "Jeez, something is wrong, how did I end up on the bridge?!"

Ten blinked as 177 walked out... "How odd..."

The Impossible... Edit

Specs opened his eyes, then blinked his head ached. "Ow..."

"Shut up, your making me have a headache..." Blaster growled.

Specs was about to stand, when he noticed his ankles were bound with the cords that had chased Blaster. Specs turned, then looked down only to see that he and Blaster were bound together. "Oh man..."


Hypno growled, storming out of her office. "The third time!"

She finally found Sergeant Torres.

"Who is it this time?"

"Blaster has skipped his session three times this week! I will not take this anymore, sir, I will cuff him to a examination table and fill his bloodstream with truth sirum!"

Torres sighed, "Phoenix, I think he was last checking on Specs, go to the ship that we captured."

Hypno growled, then stormed off.


"Okay, okay. You lead. 1-2-3!"

Blaster and Specs got there feet under them, then started to ease up, when they lost there balance.

"No-oof!" they grunted.

Mai'leen appeared, "Stop struggling, those cords are meant to hold entire ships together, and to contain Rogue SPARTANs."

"Could this get any worse?" Blaster grunted.

Karai popped up, "Rogue 432 is coming."

"It just did," Specs growled, then pulled as hard as he possibly could, when a shock went through the both of them.

"Ow! Son of a-! Stop it!" Blaster scowled.

"Well, I didn't think that'd happen!"


Hypno stepped onto the ship. It looked human, but at the same time, not. She started for the bridge, when suddenly she heard a click... "What was-? Dah!" she screamed, falling, then started to slide through a vent type slide, then  hit the ground, losing her helmet. "What the he-?" she stopped as an energy shield of some sort came up around her. "Uh-..."

"Sorry I missed the appointment, Pheonix, I got a bit tied up."

Hypno sighed, Specs and Blaster were bound back to back.

"What's going on here?" Hypno asked, standing up, then she touch the blue field, "Ow! Dang it!" she shouted, after it zapped her.

"Touch the shield, I knock you out," a hologram appeared, then walked through the field, "Try to get attention, I knock you out, attempt to do anything I don't like, -."

"You knock me out, I think I'm picking up a pattern here."

"Talk back to me again, I knock you out!" the AI growled, then vanished.

Hypno glanced at Blaster and Specs.

"So, would now be a good time to reschedule?"

Hypno grolwed, then put her hand on her face.

The Hunt is on Edit

Cleo growled, walking through the rockland. "A signal... right." Cleo walked out into a clearing. Nothing.

Cleo sighed, then got on the com, "Ten, transport me back, there's nothing here."

Only static.

"Ten? Blaire?---odd." She stopped, hearing a hum, then turned blackness.


"Shn'tak! Are you attempting to kill it?!" Morak got off his ghost, then looked, the SPARTAN wasn't bleeding, and was breathing. "Hm..."

"I know what I'm doing, Morak," Shn'tak growled.

"Is that so?" Morak asked.

"Atleast I don't make alliances with humans," Shn'tak growled.

"What?" Morak growled.


Cleo blinked, then glanced back.

"I know you cared about the Hellion, how you looked at her as she was slowly, and painfully dieing, you were friends... you apologized to the Hellion," Shn'tak growled.

Cleo went invisible, then stood, and walkedaround the bickering elites.

"Lies!" Morak shouted.

Cleo jumped on the ghost, then started off.

She heard roars, when suddenly a phantom was on her six. Then another. "Oh come on, why are they after me?!"


"You did?” S76 asked.

"Yes, on the surface, it's the SPARTAN, I've been able to identify the form,” Maj informed.

Torres smiled, “They're still around here then, I say we go pick up our package.”


Mar smiled, detecting the cloaked Covenant ship, most likely keeping an eye on the UNSC Twilight's Hope. He brought up Yantari's bio-signature, then detected one match. Mar chuckled, then rubbed his hands together. “Blaire, I found Yantari, transport me, and be prepared to transport both of us back.”

"Did you get Cleo's permission?” Blaire asked.

"Do you enjoy having certain controls?” Mar sneered in return, then stood. He gripped his carbine, after being transported, there was a series of cells, and right in front of him was Yantari.

"Mar?” Yantari gasped, then stood.

Mar ran over, and shut off the energy field, “Are you okay?”

Yantari nodded, “Of course, but I can't say I'll be the same after the events.”

"Come on we'll-,” Mar started.

The door opened, Morak walked in, sword in hand.

Yantari and Mar froze.


"Ha! I've gotten through! We can simply beam them out now!” Karai shouted. She sensed 432 in the cargo hold, she was attempting to find a hollow in the floor. Karai growled in anger, then with the snap of her fingers, transported the aggravating SPARTAN Rogue to the surface, by the time the humans found her, they'd be long gone.


The pelican sped towards the planet, the hull vibrating. Doc fidgited with his med supplies, then sighed.

"Problem?” Torres asked.

"No sir, nothing,”

Torres shrugged.

"Sergeant, there was another surge on the surface, and now I'm receiving a transmission from... 432, she-she was transported down by-oh no, I'll get back to you, Sergeant!” Maj said.


Maj gasped, then turned around, “Who are you?”

"I am someone who is taking her team back, now if you'll excuse me, I'll be shutting off all your boundaries.”

"Stop this!”

"Hm... Odd that she can remain a 'dumb' AI she has the potential that Blaire did,” an Elite AI popped in.

"Blaire was upgraded, this AI has an abnormality, her circuitry is wired differently, just by exposing ourselves she could become self-aware, we must leave, now,” the human AI said.

Then the two vanished.


"Vira, this is Karai. Mai'leen and I are your ship-board AI, we are going to transport you out, we've broken through the ships' AI boundaries, and have prepared the ship.”

Vira stood.

Future Lucky nodded.

"What was that?” S45 asked, then turned to Vira.

Lucky grabbed S45, “Now Karai!”

They transported onto the Descendant.

"Hey! Let me go!” Younger Lucky screamed, thrashing.

"Más, Menos, get us out of here!” Vira shouted.

"S-yes sen-MA'AM!” they managed.

  Scarab Edit


Cleo gazed at all the Covenant after her

Cleo breathed, then slunk to her knees. Ten banshees, dozens of ghosts, four wraiths, and three phantoms, plus uncountable infantry... She had defeated them all, it had taken all she had, but she had done it, and she had never felt so weak. She allowed herself to lay on the ground, still panting, even the hard ground felt comfortable, she could fall asleep then and there. She felt vibrations in the ground, tires, then looked ahead. Five wart fogs, fourteen SPARTANs and one marine. Cleo moaned, then attempted the com again, only static. Cleo stood, then dusted herself off, and crossed her arms, attempting to appear that she was fine.

The warthogs stopped, and S76 was the first to speak, they didn't bother putting there weapons up, as though they knew something.

"Can I help you, S76? I'm really not in the mood right now.”

"Ha-humor, right, I know you're tired, so why don't you just come quietly?” Torres asked.

Cleo glared, then stomped her foot, “What don't you get about me being on your side?!” she shouted.

"You aren't,” S76 said.

"You kidnapped Leo.”

"You attacked us!”

"You took Leo hostage!”

"Granted, but all that was to protect you! I've been staying in the shadows, watching protecting! You!” Cleo thrust her index finger at C14, “I rescued you in the midst of space! My team sabotaged that Covenant ship, to protect you! You all would have been captured! I saved you! Argh! Why do you hate me for that!”

They stopped, “How would you know we would have been captured?”

Cleo opened her mouth to answer, when there was a boom, shaking the very ground beneath them.

"These guys just don't know when to quit!” Cleo turned to the SPARTAN Rogues, “Truce?”

"Until we deal with these bastards,” S76 nodded.

Cleo nodded, then front flipped, and rocketed up. “You take the infantry, I'll take the scarab and banshees! Sink?”


"Excuse me, but if you-!” Luke started.

"Look, there's an ancient saying, 'It's either my way, or the highway!' AKA listen to me or die! I have more experience than you've had in your life!”

There wasn't a response.

Cleo took a plasma grenade, then smashed it into the front of a banshee, then let go, and shot to another, attaching a fire bomb, then landed on the Scarab, making a large dent in the top. “I'm in, how are you doing, SPARTANs?!”

"Fine, just do your part, and we'll do ours!”

"Maldito idiotas, por culo agujeros!” Cleo muttered.

"Cuida tu boca, puta, me hablan todos los idiomas jamás registrado!”

"Oh, I don't think so. Ak, es tā nedomāju.” Cleo growled.

"What was that?” Kylee asked.

Cleo didn't respond, as she ran up the side of the wall, then flipped over, still firing her automatic SMG-9s. She dodged an Elite's sword, then trust her hand forward, breaking it's arm.

He bellowed in the pain.

Cleo punched him off, then switched back to her plasma shot gun, she twirled it in the air, then fired, killing an elite behind her, then swung it around, hitting another. Cleo grabbed a plasma grenade, then stuck an elite, and back flipped, the explosion giving her an extra burst. She fired, killing a grunt, then slapped her shot gun onto her back, then tore off the plasma turret, and walked into the inside. Elite Ultras were about to run out. “Look who's back kids!” Cleo fired, feeling a bit guilty, but she knew it had to be done. The Plasma turret ran out, then she tossed it away, and pulled out her shot gun, then ran in, and killed the rest inside. She grinned, “Bingo.”

Cleo took control, then turned the weapons, and aimed for the Covenant, “Kick ass!”

"Nice one, for a traitor,” Kale sneered.

"Oh, up yours, that was good for S76,” Cleo muttered.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

"Nothi 'n,” Cleo said with mischievousness in her tone.

"Well, you want to blow that thing up, or are you gonna turn on us?” G32 muttered.

"She's not that stupid,” 224 whispered on another channel.

"I heard that,” Cleo growled.

She heard Doc's chuckle.

Just then she heard a series of high-pitched barks, yaps, and growls.

Blue energy shot up, as the scarab started. She turned around, then froze at four grunts running in, a plasma grenade activated in each hand, howling, yapping, and screaming.

"Oh SHI-!”

Death is my adherent... Edit

Leo stopped, then heard a large explosion. His helmet shot up, then he gazed as the Scarab was bombed from the inside. “CLEO!”

He jumped forward, then ran towards the still falling debris.

"What the hell was that?”

"Okay, not that I care, but was she on that thing when it blew?”

"Doc, where are you going?”

Leo ran into the wreckage. “Cleo?! Cleo, where are you?!”

"Oh GOD! PLEASE!” Someone screamed.

"Cleo?” He ran towards the screams, then found her.

"It burns!” she screamed. “Damn grunts!”

Doc got down, then took a scanner and started to scan, “What happened?”

"Damn suicide grunts! Plasma grenades! Damn it!”

"I'm amazed you survived.”

"Don't tell me that now! Jeez! I-I feel it! Damn burning!”

Leo stopped, seeing all the large splinters of purple metal stuck in most of the non-metal parts of her armor. Her red blood oozed from each wound.

"Doc?” Phoenix asked.

"Hypno! Hold her down!” Doc shouted.

She obeyed without question.

"Good grief!” Boomer shouted.

"Boomer, help me!” Doc grimaced, “I'm sorry.” He ripped out one of the spikes.

Cleo screamed in agony, nearly throwing them all back.

"What's your name?” Doc asked, trying to seem like they didn't know each other.

"Cleo, damn it!” she screamed.

"Again, I'm sorry, Cleo,” he said, then yanked out another.

Cleo screamed louder, “Stop! Damn it! Stop!”

"Doc, shouldn't those stay in, she'll bleed to death,” Hypno said.

"No, if these are contaminated in the Covenant's coolant, then it'll poison her.” He tore out another.

"Stop! Stop!!!!! Please, F06! Stop!” she cried.

"Luke, I know you're right there, so get out the bio-foam, and help fill these openings! Anyone else standing there, help hold her down, this one is strong!” Leo ordered.

Luke came over, and started, his helmet was off, and even he seemed concerned. “Is she going to make it?”

"Pilot, take her damn helmet off!” Leo ordered, nearly skipping Luke's question. “... I can't say.”

Pilot removed Cleo's helmet, revealing her half blood-covered face, and her jet black hair.

Leo grabbed another, then ripped it out.

"LEO! Stop! PLEASE!” she cried.

Pilot pressed her head down, trying to make her calm down. “He's helping you!”

Cleo screamed, “You feel this pain! THEN TELL ME HE'S HELPING ME!”

"Hypno, pain killer, and sedative!” Leo ripped out one more, before taking the injector into his teeth.

Cleo screamed, still trying to get a grip on the pain.

"Cleo, this should take away some of the pain, and put you out of consciousness for a little while, do you understand?” Leo asked.

Cleo continued to breath heavily.

"Doc, I'll get this one,” Houdini said, then grabbed a spike in Cleo's torso.

Doc froze, “No, Nikki! Don-!”

It was too late, the blood spattered Leo's face, then Cleo jerked forward, blood spilling out of her mouth, and she screamed, a noise Leo didn't even know a human being was capable of making, then he quickly drove the needle into her skin, and injected the drugs. “Damn it, Nichole!” Leo grabbed the bio-foam, then applied it in the appropriate places faster than any of the others. He felt Cleo's pulse-fading. He grabbed the scanner, her body was going into shock.

A pelican flew over head.

"Sir, we're going to need a heavy duty gurney, now!” Leo shouted. “Stay with me.”

"Someone hur-?” a voice on the com started.



Cleo came back to, she heard, or rather felt the rumbling of a pelican lifting off, the sedative hadn't worked very long, then she noticed Leo wave a flashlight in one eye, then in the other.

"I thinks she's coming to again! Pilot, another sedative!”

"On it!”

The pelican jerked, pressure... then the pain came through. Cleo tensed, “Blaire!” she shouted, “Yantari!” Cleo cried in pain, she felt stinging, burning in her lungs. Pain in her head.

"Damn it, Pilot, where's that pain killer?!”

Cleo felt beads of sweat run down her head, mixing with the tears and blood, her vision was half faded.

There was the marine sergeant, but the rest of them were the SPARTANs.

Why where they trying to save her, what had she done for them? Luke hated her.

He seemed to scowl, as he held her down, all she wanted to say was that she was sorry. S76 had been one of her father figures, and here he was, hating her.

She ripped her right arm away from Doc, then grabbed his arm, and looked at him through the pain, “I-I-I'm s-s-s-sor-ry, s-s-s-sir!”

Luke's glare faded, and became surprise... or horror.

Doc put the needle in, and Cleo tried to hold on, but lost the fight for her consciousness.

Escaping... Edit

Yantari and Mar glanced at each other, then nodded.

"I know who the both of you are,” Morak said.

"Now?” Mar asked.

"Now!” Yantari shouted, the two lunged forward, then tackled Morak.


Doc's head shot around. Cleo's pulse was slowly fading. He braced himself as the Pelican landed. Terror and Striker picked up Cleo, then placed her on the heavy duty gurney. Leo grabbed a scanner, then placed the sensors on her head, and started to run with his brothers and sisters. “Come on stay with me.”

Marines started to jump out of the way, as the Rogues dashed on.

"Leo, what's the situation?!” Luke shouted.

"I'm losing her!” Leo shouted.

"Don't tell me that, Leo!” Luke shouted.

Leo quickly took out a blood clot inhancer, then injected Cleo. “Come to life, come on!”

She came to again, Leo didn't know how much more stress her body, her mind could take.

Cleo screamed.

"Strap her down!” Leo shouted, then grabbed her wrist, took out another pain killer, and injected the drug, it was as though her body was developing an immunity to it every time, her body was fighting the help Leo was trying to give... sounded like her personality.

"Cleo stop, you're going to kill yourself!”

"Make me! BASTARD!” she screeched.

Leo picked up a small glass cylinder, and took out the five entire doses, and injected Cleo. For some reason, no effect.

As they made it to the med bay, Vice Admiral Pillar was waiting out of the way.

Just then Leo's head jerked up, as the long beep came threw, Cleo heart had stopped, the flat line came.

"Hell no!” Leo yelled, then grabbed the cardiac stimulators, then charged them, “Oliona! 90! CLEAR!” he shouted, then pressed them down. Cleo's body jolted. Still a flat line... “I can't get through her armor!” He tapped the panel as he had seen Blaire do, then eventually removed as much as he could. He grabbed them again, “Again, CLEAR!” she flat lined again. “Breathe damn it! Come on!”

"Clear!” Leo shouted, then watched as the jolt went through Cleo's body. “Again! CLEAR!”

The line stayed constant.

Leo hit the table, breaking it, then put his hand in his face, “I'm so sorry... Cleo,” he whispered. He looked back at Luke and the other Rogues. “Luke...” he whispered, starting to tear. Leo covered his face, as for the fist time as a SPARTAN Rogue, he began to cry. “I couldn't save her... She's gone.”

Escaped... Edit

Morak roared, when finally Blaire transported them.

"It's about time!” Mar shouted.

Morak kicked Yantari in the gut, then elbowed Mar back, with a stunning blow. He jumped up, then froze at who was standing there.

177 and Morak gaped at each other.

Morak was stunned, a scar over her eye, deathly pale face, and the circuitry of the implants showing just slightly on her neck. He remembered they had been activated. If he helped them, the prophets would know.

"M-m-?” she started.

Morak lunged forward, and tackled her, then quickly found the panel, and pushed it, shutting the implants outward systems off.

Mar roared, then rammed him off.

Yantari glanced towards Lauren, then helped Mar.

"Don't touch her! We know you were there when she died! What's wrong, surprised to see her alive?!” Mar shouted.

"Believe it or don't, but I was helping her,” Morak said.

"I'll believe that the day the Covenant ceases to exist!” Lauren jumped back up, rubbing her neck.

"SPARTAN 177, you'r-!” Morak started.

Mar shoved his head into the floor, “Don't listen to him, Lauren, we got him.”

Linking together... Edit

"I just found the Midnight Destiny!”

Vira jumped into her chair, then nodded at the tiny screen, “You're sure that that's them?”

Karai glared down at her from the holographic platform.

"Alright, send the signal, and dock. Let them know who we are. The Descendant. Tell them this is Vira.”

"Oh, linking up with your buddies now, huh?!”

Lucky covered S45's mouth, gagging, her and barely keeping her under control within her arms, “This could be problematic.”

S45 bucked, and kicked in Lucky's arms.

She felt the ships dock.

"We're docked to the Midnight Destiny,” Mai'leen said.


The cable opening slid apart, then cables shot out, “I can handle this, Alex, ma'am,”

Lucky hesitated, then released S45.

S45 was about to make a run for it, when one of the cables wrapped around her arms, then her legs, and brought her down, “Let me go!”

Vira watched, as Lucky gazed at her younger self, scowling on the floor, then she turned, and started to walk away.

"We are your friends, believe us, we'll explain later,” Vira said.

"Right! Friends, why don't you let me go, and I'll give you a nice big, hug!” S45 acowled

Vira sighed, “Más, Menos, vamos... I hope I said that right.”



"Vira!” Yantari shouted, they ran to greet each other with a sibbling-like embrace. “I heard you were hurt!”

And I heard you were MIA-covenant.”

"You first,” Yantari said.

"S76 of the past shot me, close range with a shotgun, but Leo fixed me up... still healing though.”

"I had been taking a walk, when I ran into the Rogues, then they left, and Morak's team captured me,” Yantari shrugged.

"Morak? Morak Vel'ten'ee?” Vira asked.

Yantari nodded, “Why?”

"He was a great grandfather of mine,” Vira said. “After the war, the elites changed their names, remember, so thats how I'm Vira'tis Vel'ten.”

Mar chuckled, “Then you might just get to meet him.”

"Pardon?” Vira asked.

"First, I want to see an old friend,” Lucky said.

Mar smiled, “I think she's a bit... um-.”

"¿Tímido?” Más asked.

"No, nervous, I guess.”

"I'm not nervous!” Lauren shouted, stepping out, “This is just weird for me.”

Lucky stopped.

Lauren gulped, “Who're you?”

Lucky finally smiled, “I guess I do change after a hundred years... It's me, Alex-S45 Lucky.”

Lauren stopped, gazing at the tall SPARTAN Rogue, with white hair, the only sign of age. “I'm-I-uh... wow.”

Lucky chuckled, her sweet purr, “I can understand that this must be a lot for you to take in. This is Más y Menos, they're two of the UNSC Elite Guard's Minor SPARTANs.”

"This is-huge, I-.”


Blaire gasped, feeling a vacancy, she had completely spaced on Cleo, and now she felt something was wrong. She quickly looked at Cleo universal transponder, life reader... it was flat-lined. “Ten! It's Cleo... This says she's dead...”


Yantari gasped, as Blaire and Ten appeared out of nothing. “Guys!”

"It's CLEO!”

"Her life signs just went flat!”

Everyone froze.


Leo did his best to get a grip, he tried not to tear anymore than he was... “I lost her...”

"Leo, it happens to every doc-,” Phoenix started.

"Not to me, never... Go away, all of you, I need some time alone,” Leo whispered.

No one objected.

Just as Luke was leaving, “Leo, I don't know what made you so disappointed about this, but I know it has something to do with that month you were missing, I'm not going to ask right now, but I'm warning you ahead of time,” he said, then left.

Leo clenched his fists, then looked at Cleo, the airtube filtering air to her lungs, still sticking out of her mouth, and her eyes wide open. He silently slid her eyes shut, then placed a sheet over her. “Oh Cleo, why did you have to stay on that Scarab... Why did you have to get on that planet... I don't know how this is going to change anything, but I will be happy to see you again in the future... and maybe, just maybe I can save you then some how...” Leo whispered.

He continued to speak to her body, when he turned to shut of the breather.

Just then, a heartbeat. He looked back at the heart monitor, another beat. He quickly raised the breather setting, and more came across the monitor, “Cleo?”

Her body didn't respond, but the life support machine breathed for her, and she was some how alive.

Leo took in a deep breath, then felt the transponder signal. He took it our of his belt, then turned it on.


Yantari's heart raced, everyone was anxious.

Leo appeared.

"Doc, what happened, a minute ago Cleo's heart went dead,” Mar said.

"Guys, Cleo had an accident... I was finally able to bring her to critical, and stabilize her... but-,” Leo stopped.

Ten turned his head to Lauren... she was the reason Cleo had gone down to the planet... Had she done that on purpose?

Leo took in a deep breath. "But Cleo is in a vital state... Cleo's gone Comatose...”

Epilogue... Edit

Lauren slowly walked over to the terminal of her quarters... Cleo was critical, and Morak had said something-something about a weapon... what weapon, was the question. Perhaps Truth had recovered something of the virus, she hated Truth... He was the reason for the entire ordeal. She slowly sat down, then started to type a threatening message.-

Hello Truth. You know, they say that no one is actually dead if someone still remembers you, they say we never die. Yes, I think that is as close as you can get to being correct. I had supposedly died, ceased to exist... Until I was found at the bottom, at the bottom of an ocean of hopelessness. As I speak right now, I'm waiting on a ship, waiting for just the right chance, but don't worry, I'm coming for you, Truth. You'll pay for everything you did to me! I'm back and this time I'm not going to fall! I am going to be the one to send you to your maker, so I hope you're going to be prepared for your Weapon, the Weapon to turn on you. Prepare for the Weapon! I will kill you... You better watch your back.

Lauren took in a deep breath, then sent it out on the Covenant frequency that she had found on High Charity. Truth would get it... He knew she was alive, and for now, she could only think of the satisfaction of killing him, but just the fact she sent it, gave her some peace. Lauren walked back over, then laid on the bed, closed her eyes, and started to pray...

Never surrendering, our heroes continue in The Weapon II...

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