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The United Acacian Systems is the government of the Acacians

United Acacian Systems
Political information
Type of government

Representative Democracy

Founding document

Creed of Resolution

Head of State

High King

Head of Government

Supreme Council


High Commander

De facto leader

Supreme Council

Legislative branch

Supreme Council & the Peoples Council

Judicial branch

Supreme Council

Societal information


Official language




State religious body


National holiday

Unification Day, Workers Day, Remembrance Day,


"Ever in Glory, We Shall Be"

Historical information
Formed from

Kingdom of Acacians & Democratic Republic of the Acacian People

Date of establishment

2310 CE



The United Acacian Systems was formed in 2310 CE from the two states of Grathos: Kingdom of Acacians & Democratic Republic of the Acacian People. They joined into one central government because they had doubts about not running into another sentient, hostile species. Both factions agreed that if their people were to encounter such an event, the Acacian people would be annihilated. Thus, the United Acacian Systems was born.

Political FactionsEdit

There are three main political factions in the United Acacian Systems's government.

Supreme CouncilEdit

The Supreme Council is composed of 18 senior members. The Supreme Council ratifies laws, enact wars, and nominates the High King. Members are elected by the people and serve life terms, but also have the option to retire whenever they want. The Supreme Council's word is law, whatever decision they make is final. The Supreme Council can not however, make laws, they can only ratify them.

Peoples CouncilEdit

The Peoples Council is composed of 324 members. The Peoples Council sends laws to the Supreme Council, sends requests for wars to the Supreme Council, and ratifies the Supreme Council's choice for High King. Members of the Peoples Council are elected from Keeps, or family estates on Grathos or other planets.

High KingEdit

The High King is a ceremonial position and has almost no political sway, whatsoever. However the king is usually beloved by the people. He gets nominated by the Supreme Council and is ratified by the Peoples Council. Nominees must be directly related to the royal family, in one way or another.


The UAS's military is powerful, and considered one of the best fighting forces in the galaxy. It has over 20 billion members, which is approximately 45% of the total population. Despite many dropouts after the mandatory two years, the ranks continue to swell. There are Several different divisions of the armed forces. The navy has a complete lack of any special forces.

Army Special ForcesEdit

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