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"We were camped out on the far side of the Demon's homeworld. The fire went out, and suddenly one of my men died. Before I knew it, I was missing an arm. Then it gouged my eye out, and left me to burn on the hot coals of the fire."
―A Brute Chieftain, commenting on one of the SPARTANs wielding the armor.

V3008 ERSS
Production information

GUARDIAN Incorporated

Product line




Technical specifications

3000 Lbs.


Type 2 STEALTH Energy Shields

Sensor systems

ERSS Stealth Indication Sensor

Targeting systems

Target Identifying Systems


3 Flashbangs standard in suit.


Joytenge Titanium Knife and Holder, and Whatever the wearer is wielding.

Minimum crew


Other systems

Energy Replication Systems

Year introduced



Stealth, Hit and Run Missions, Reconnaissance, Spying


Human-Covenant War




The V3008 Energy Replication Stealth Suit, or the V3008 ERSS is a modified MJOLNIR Armor used for Stealth, Hit and Run Missions, Reconnaissance, Spying, and more. The ERSS was developed by the company of GUARDIAN Incorporated, and many SPARTANs used this armor. The armor was developed by using highly priced technology acquired by using many reflective patterns against the Covenant Active Camouflage, weakening it's power and heat output, but increasing it's chameleon like ability. The armor, when activated, changes color with it's surroundings, and becomes half-invisible, the armor also has the special ability to stay as the default color, a steel gray with orange stripes. This is very useful on urban missions, as the armor only reverts to silver when activated, and cannot get to the darker steel.


In 2552, a group of SPARTANs recovered an active camouflage container. The scientists cut it open, and copied it. These copies were weaker, but using their failed CHAMELEON Armor, they out together something known as the V300 ERSS. They perfected it, used more SPARTAN armor on it, and developed the greatest leap in history, the V3008 Energy Replication Stealth Suit.


The Energy Replication system wields the power to change color with it's surroundings. Doubled on with the weaker copied Active Camouflage, the suit maintains a stealthy, not seen by many Covenant Forces. This suit still uses Energy Shields, but they are far more weak than that of a normal SPARTAN, and are dimmer when shot. The suit also has a small knife attached, for situations in where bullets wouldn't work, the armor also uses Small Flashbang Pellets, which make firecracker like booms, and blind and deafen the enemy for a short amount of time.

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