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Sic Semper Tyrranis !

Viper F36 Pistol

The Viper F36, combat oriented and much deadlier than the venerable yet obsolete MA-P New Liberty.

Viper F36 Combat Pistol
Production information

Libertarian Army




Combat Pistol


600 Lc

Technical specifications

Small Arm

Damage Per Hit


Magazine Size


Maximum Ammunition


Fire Mode


Ammunition Type

Full Metal Jacket bullets


Short recoil operated, locked breech

Rate of Fire





764 fee


After Human-Covenant War




No information currently available


New Liberty Republic, specifically Special Forces and Libertarian Army



The first thoughts of the highly adaptable & deadly Viper F36 Combat Pistol was after the Greenhaven Crisis, a time when the Republic was shrouded in unrest by the insurrection. At the time most ground troops were armed with the naval issue MA-P New Liberty, a powerful yet slightly aged sidearm. As the Libertarian Army fought more and thus was in need of more effective weaponry, Draius Freeman himself tasked the Army' best researchers and gunsmiths with the challenge. After the end of the Crisis, the Viper F36 (36 test weapons were made before the final model was completed) was long overdue, but this delay allowed the troops to become more acquainted to the gun. The naval issue MA-P New Liberty was out phased back to its source, and the Viper was standard issue amongst the Libertarian Army and Police. Basically every ground troop (except the Marines, which were from the Navy in essence) on every world of the Republic was armed with this pistol, although the MA-P was still seen on occasion.

Advantages over the New LibertyEdit

Despite the fact that the MA-P New Liberty Pistol and the Viper F36 Combat Pistol were used by the same nation, both branches of the military tried to outdo each other on better weapons and troops, which greatly increased troop training but also helped to spark hatred between the two. Unclear to the Navy, the Viper was better than the New Liberty and has many obvious advantages such as:

  • Iron sights (along with a built in red aiming reference and flashlight).
  • Deadlier ammunition.
  • More durable, can be used underwater, in a vacuum, after being left in mud, and in almost every other environmental condition.
  • Lastly, the Viper has a specially built-in taser device, firing small bolas-like objects that stick to the skin and electrocute the target until removed.


Plain and Simple and basically unneeded to say, this pistol has almost no disadvantages, as everything about it is self contained except the magazine. Even the red aiming reference and combat flashlight are powered by a small solar battery, which can hold 10 gigawatts of electrical power.

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