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Sic Semper Tyrranis !

Zephyr Close Assault Weapon
Zephyr Close Assault Weapon
Production information

Libertarian Government




Combat Knife


135 Lc

Technical specifications

8 inches

Damage Per Hit


Magazine Size


Maximum Ammunition


Fire Mode


Ammunition Type

Tungsten carbide blade


Thrust, slash, cut, etcetera

Rate of Fire


Muzzle Velocity

Depends on user


Depends on user


Depends on user


After Human-Covenant War


Combat Knife (UNSC)


Energy Sword


New Liberty Republic



Knives have been used in battle almost since the dawn of warfare, first as a sharp piece of rock, before metal proved effective during a period of time where projectile weapons were not readily available. For thousands of years, knives and swords have been a weapon of choice for soldiers. Even after the invention of the firearm, knives were still used as bayonets for close-quarters-combat and infantry charges. As war tactics shifted from trench warfare to attrition warfare, knives became last-resort weapons or simple tools. By 2596 humanity still used the knife, showing that such an easily accessible weapon still runs strong even thousands of years later. When the New Liberty Republic was formed and Combat Knives were in short supply, most Libertarian soldiers used civilian knives as a replacement. The government finally stepped in after realizing this, and began development on a new standard issue knife for the military. The Zephyr was born. Named after the town Draius Freeman was born in, the Zephyr iss a versatile and deadly close quarters weapon, forged from tungsten carbide and made to be almost unbreakable. The handle has a built in finger trap, making it difficult to lose grip of, and the knife can be carried within the handle like most combat knives. And, a surprising feature is that the Zephyr, like old Spetsnaz switch blades, can fire from the handle almost 12 feet. Although the situation never really calls upon the Zephyr's use, every single being in the Libertarian military is required to carry one on them. Thus, it is the most widespread weapon in the New Liberty Republic.

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