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Zero-Point energy was the main source of power used by The Royal Allegiance. Zero-Point generators extracted vacuum energy from a small artificially-created region of slipspace in order to produce powerful energy from an efficient source.


Zero-Point energy had been used for untold centuries before the Allegiance was a recognisable entity. When the Therans first arrived on Thera thousands of years after the activation of the Rings, generators of this kind were powering the planet's foundries and buildings. Over the centuries the Therans became able to harness this power and, eventually, to replicate such generators themselves. While their actual usage spanned the history of the Allegiance itself, they were seemingly refined to perfection by about 2100 and so, development stagnated and the design remained static. At this point, the generators were hundreds of kilometres across, and, although just two or three could power an entire planet, they were far too large for any purpose smaller than mass-scale power generation. In the early 25th century, however, a breakthrough was reached. The HMS Marchestra, pride of the Royal Navy and most ambitious engineering project in living memory, required a power source massive in terms of output but small enough to be ship-mounted. A miniaturised, though still huge, generator was specially made, with huge technological advancements needed for such a change. Over the next few centuries, generators were refined so that, by the 2600s, virtually all space-faring vessels used them, meaning an explosion in warship and energy-intensive technology development. By the 2700s even ground vehicles, some less than ten metres in length, were using micro generators to provide their power. Although further development was severely hindered by the Swarm War, there were signs that refinement could go on even further, leading to hand-held devices capable of colossal energy usage.

Design and FunctionEdit

The majority of zero-point generators were large, roughly semi-spherical hollow chambers, with a sort of pedestal in the middle with a pillar-like rotating object. This object extracted the energy itself from the region of slipspace, which the surrounding chamber collected it and was necessary for containment of various exotic particles created during the process, which were then shunted back into the region of slipspace.

Their basic function was to extract zero-point energy from an artificially-created region of slipspace. In physics, zero-point energy was the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical physical system may possess and was the energy of the ground state of the system.


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